#SOL2015 23/31 Managing writing

Slice of Life logoI love this month long writing. This pushing myself to write daily is so important. It shows me what I can do. It shows me that writing produces more writing. It brings so many wonderful writers and their ideas into my quiet writing life. It feels good to produce but also to learn.

The question now as we near the end of this month is – What is next? I have this blog I love writing on. Another one on wild gardens I am re in-visioning and a middle grade novel I am writing for fun. That is a lot to keep going and to be learning from.

I wonder how to create a balance between all things wonderful. It is clear I can’t write daily in all three areas. Brain overload – plus I have other parts of my life to attend to (all those plants growing in my basement need to get out into the garden sometime if the snow goes away).

I need to make a commitment to which projects I will follow but also to write daily. I did it this month – so can I keep it going?

Here are my current plans:

  • The JL blog, this one, I will continue every Tuesday with SOL (one day a week)
  • The GardenLearning blog needs attention now that the garden season is opening. It needs a few days a week to get back up and running (two days a week)
  • I was writing for It’s Monday! What are you reading? each week but now I think that may need to take a back seat for a while (focus, I need to focus!! So I will show up there every other week or so just because I can stop reading and I have to tell someone.)
  • Middle grade novel – Here is where I need to make a push to get things moving. This is writing that is not visible to other at this time. It is writing for me which is so hard to do. I let this one go over and over again with the excuse that I need to write for my blog. So here is the commitment that the personal writing is also important. I want to make a commitment to write something connected to my novel at least 4 days a week. – Wow, that is a big deal.

Writing is hard work. It take time, thought, patience, and determination. It also takes putting your seat down and taking out the paper and pen or the computer and doing it.

I am retired at this point (working a bit for a school but still – lots of open time) so now is my time to write. I can take on a few more writing activities than some who are still in the thick of working, especially teaching.

Given that writing is hard but fun I know that if I don’t make a commitment to write it just won’t happen.

How about you? What will you do when April 1 rolls around – will you quit writing until next March or find a little time once or twice a week to write?

What commitment will you make to yourself about writing?




About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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12 Responses to #SOL2015 23/31 Managing writing

  1. Joanne…I have the same amount of writing that I am doing….for my former district( curriculum), TWT every week and my middle grade novel. I’m wondering if you and I could share bits from our middle grade to keep us running the course. I have about one third of it done. It is the one I feel I need bigger stretches of time with, and I really want it to be every day…but again, I haven’t touched it in March again. xo nanc

    • Joanne Toft says:

      I would like that although I am not very far – I have a few beginning chapters and am now stuck on how to make the next connection in the story. I have been doing some research but can’t seem to find my way through it. March was hard since we have been writing daily here. Are you still interested since I am just starting? If so how would you like to connect?

  2. spiffygryphy says:

    I really appreciate this post. I write fiction as a hobby, and I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to do it over the past few months. I really miss it. I’ve never blogged before. A friend told me about this challenge, and I decided to try it in hopes that it will spark my fiction writing again. When this challenge is over, I’m going to try to write something everyday, even if it’s just some ideas for my next story. Balance is such a big deal… work, dogs, writing… so easy to let one slip, and the easiest one to do that with is the writing – unfortunately!

  3. eloularson says:

    I’ve been thinking about this lately as well. I’m with you, I hope to keep my SOL blog going every Tuesday. It’s good to push ourselves to spend our time writing. Good luck in your endeavors!

  4. Darla & Jen says:

    Just loved your post about what to prioritize. We are thinking a lot about those same things, as I bet many of our fellow slicers are about now. Both of us are committed to professional articles as well as a picture book (Jen) and a YA (Darla). Makes it tough with full time school jobs, but like you, we will set goals and work toward them.
    We wish you the best of luck.
    Darla & Jen

  5. Ramona says:

    Good to hear your plan. I’ll continue writing slices every Tuesday, Spiritual Journey Thursday (maybe), Poetry Friday, and Celebrate Saturday. That’s a lot of writing for me. I wish you the best of luck with your MG novel. Some folks had good luck with the writing groups that were started last year.

    • Joanne Toft says:

      I started with one after the summer Teachers Write and then broke my wrist and needed to pull out. Always a good thing to work with others if you can. I look forward to reading your continued writing.

  6. I love March because of the writing challenge! Reading and writing bring out the creativity long nestled in my heart and mind. The only thing about this March is that I switched jobs and this time around I’m having a hard time keeping up. Sadly, next month, I won’t be writing every day…but maybe at least I can join everyone on Tuesdays….

  7. I sense an online (let’s write and share and write some more to get our writing published) writing group forming here. I am in!! Thoughts?

    Love all your goals Joanne! It is so important to lay them out and have a plan!


  8. Sonja Schulz says:

    really hoping this month-long commitment becomes an every day forever writing commitment. Not necessarily all in my blog—but also on my other writing projects. thoughtful post!

  9. isbergamanda says:

    I am trying to decide between posting three times a week (MWF) like I used to do when I first started my blog, or if I should post twice a week (MF) like I have been doing the past few months. Like you, I love to write, but it can get a little challenging to think of something every day!

    -Amanda at http://teachingwanderlust.com/2015/03/23/ooops-a-little-problem-with-hotels/

  10. lynnjake says:

    Good question. I will keep writing here once or twice a week, and I plan to resurrect my teaching blog as well. A post a week on those would be pretty good I think. I’m not sure beyond that. I try to narrow my focus a little lately. I too felt like I was spread all over the place, and it’s good to ease up a little. Good luck with your novel!

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