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Day Six: Breathing and Balance

Breathing in and breathing out – a balance of air to keep the lungs moving and the body balanced. We do it without thinking. Our brain and body work together to create a heathy environment. A balance that seems solid, … Continue reading

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Day 23 – Slice of Life Challenge – Families, eating, chatting and books

Families, eating, chatting and books – Long ago when we were a young family I thought about how I wanted my children to be readers, how I loved the idea of sitting and talking with my children about books, the … Continue reading

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Rounding the corner to the end of the year – review in progress

It is now December and winter is here in full force. The morning temperature on the way to school was – 3 in the heated car. The trees are coated in snow and sitting perfectly posed for a painting. We … Continue reading

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SOL Challenge Day 5 – Learning about writing alone

This is a quick note to self – maybe to you too! Are there things you know, things you say to your students, things that you have said over and over many times but all of a sudden you think … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 25/31 Finding Stories

I was sitting the other night surfing the blogs that I enjoy and slipped on to Kate Messner’s blog. She had a wonderful poem called Found. She was seeking to clear her head and get back into writing so a … Continue reading

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One Little Word – Listen

The last two years I have held onto the word balance to  use it to help me slow down, enjoy the world and refresh from 40 years of teaching. Now it is time to hold that word in the back of … Continue reading

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Choosing books for a long trip

Each day I have a question on the white board for my students to answer as they walk in the room. They are quick community building questions for my 3rd and 4th graders and often connected to something we are … Continue reading

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Small steps

I was not going to post today because I seem to be saying the same thing each week but I decided to push myself and see what I might say today that would be different. My classrooms (5th in the … Continue reading

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