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Bloom Day – the 15th

Each month on the 15th there are gardeners in many places who are taking a few minutes to think about what is blooming in their gardens and then sharing them with other gardeners. (The sharing happens thanks to May Dreams … Continue reading

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Growing together

Mosses grow only when there is water all around them. They can not photosynthesis without it. They have no roots to bring moisture into their system. They use the water that surrounds them to help the carbon dioxide dissolve and … Continue reading

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Closing up the garden

PERSONAL NOTE: The post below was written last week on Sunday. All ready to go for Tuesday. I was so proud of myself for being organized and ready for the week. I would review it on Tuesday a.m. and post. I … Continue reading

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What was I thinking?!

It is now October and I am slowly putting my garden to bed for the winter. I am watching the weather closely for days that are dry and not to chilly to work outside. So far I am not having … Continue reading

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Gardening is not a rational activity

“Gardening is not a rational activity.” ~ Margaret Atwood My son asked me earlier this summer: “Why do you do this? You just keep doing the same thing every year. The weeds return, the bushes are to high for you to … Continue reading

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Summer Gardens –

It has been awhile since I have written or at least written about my garden. It has been quietly – growing weeds and all. It was a rough start to the season and the gardens looked good but the lawn … Continue reading

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Early Summer Gardens

It is now June – a lovely month. Here in the northern mid west we move between 80 degree days and 55 degree nights. (We will not talk about the four days of 99 to 100 degree heat that showed … Continue reading

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