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Beginners Mind

The phrase Beginners Mind for me comes out of the Buddhist teaching. It is that place where you allow yourself to be open to being a learner. It is the time when you ask questions and allow for the fact … Continue reading

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Slice of Life – Getting muddy

Waking early and staring out the bedroom window as the sun rises gives me a garden with shades of green and rich black soil moist from the spring rain. The weeds and plants appear different only due to color tones of … Continue reading

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Day 30 – Slice of Life Challenge – Close Observation

They are unearthing themselves slowly each day sun or no sun. The air temperature is just above 30 and if we are lucky we will hit 45 during the late afternoon. When you walk around the garden or the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Day 25 – Slice of Life Challenge – Tender moments in the woods

It is 40 degrees this morning with deep grey clouds. They were either lingering from last night rain or getting ready to unload another round of moisture on the cold wet ground. I am standing just outside the Maple house … Continue reading

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Day 10 – Slice of Life Challenge -Is it spring? This is Minnesota remember!

The light pours in from the southeast making the room golden in the early morning. It is shortly after 6:00 a.m. and I know the sun will not rise over the horizon for another 30 minutes but it is bright … Continue reading

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Sharing the Bounties

It has been a wonderful fall in the mid west. The days are cool, sunny and a bit of a breeze to blow the crisp leaves around. There are days you can walk swishing leaves and smelling decay of leaves, … Continue reading

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Where do my plants come from?

I am one happy gardener and love picking up plants from friends and neighbors yards. I buy a few here and there and grow a few from seed as well. This is literally where they come from but my question … Continue reading

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