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I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!

Slice of Life – April is off and running

March was a busy month with blogging daily for the March Challenge, working some and a small local trip planned. All that said I found time for reading, walking and just doing a few things for myself.  I found quiet … Continue reading

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Slice of Life – Tuesday – family language

Words or phrases we grow up with are very interesting. Each family has their own references to people, places or events. It is like the air we breathe – it is all around us and we don’t really pay attention to … Continue reading

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Tuesday – Slice of Life – lakes and fog

We arrived at the shores of Lake Superior yesterday. A haze hung over the city of Duluth as well as the lake. It made the air heavy, and a bit chilly but it’s April in Northern Minnesota. It is to be … Continue reading

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Day 31 – Slice of Life Challenge – Final Day – What I learned again!

Thank You to this team of writers – to those who set this up, to those who wrote and commented for a few days or for 31 days. It makes a difference for each of us who are writers and … Continue reading

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Day 30 – Slice of Life Challenge – Close Observation

They are unearthing themselves slowly each day sun or no sun. The air temperature is just above 30 and if we are lucky we will hit 45 during the late afternoon. When you walk around the garden or the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Day 29 – Slice of Life Challenge – Finding poems

I returned to my old notebooks today to find my writing. So many are half filled. Bits and pieces of writing, and writing lessons – ones I have taught or were taught to me as part of writing classes I have … Continue reading

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Day 28 – Slice of Life Challenge – When students become teachers

Today was day one of testing for our 5th graders. We are stepping into this testing season slowly with just the science test. Two days, two sections and then they are off for spring break. The first group showed up … Continue reading

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