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Surveying the past and future

“I went home and sulked on the couch for a week, surveying my lengthening past and shortening future.”  Helen Garner Author of The Spare Room and other books and short stories   (pulled from a post on Facebook from Coastal Women’s … Continue reading

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Repeat, repeat, repeat …

I am afraid to look back through my blog posts to find how many times I have voiced my frustration and determination to learn something new or to develop a skill that I started to learn years ago. I feel … Continue reading

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Oh dear, it is Tuesday again!

It is Tuesday and I have not been writing. Where are the days going? How did I manage to get posts written each week when I was working full time? How is it that I can not seem to get … Continue reading

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2019 One Little Word

the auspicious wonder that lies at the heart of making – I sat down this morning hoping to write a quick piece that stated my one little word. Simple! right? Well, not so much. First, I will state the fact … Continue reading

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Waiting for it to quiet down

It is just past mid December. I am retired. I have finally gotten to a place where I have personal project I really want to work on. New skills I am hoping to develop and old projects I am determined … Continue reading

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Love and Dear Friends

This last weekend we spent time with lots and lots of people. Some were family and dear friends. Some were dear friends of our sons and some were new to us and soon to become dear friends. It was a … Continue reading

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December – the end of a year

We are in the first week of December and winter is here. The ground is frozen and white. The air to crisp and the gray clouds of Minnesota hang in the sky. This is our darkest month. It is often … Continue reading

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Family reflections

It is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Winter has turned down the temperature to make it more than frosty outside. It leaves me content to sit in my office as far from the window as possible and just think. My little … Continue reading

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The lost art of writing letters

I have a letter to write. It is a letter I am excited to write but I can’t seem to find the words to put down on paper. I spent a great deal of time last night – meaning between … Continue reading

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Growing together

Mosses grow only when there is water all around them. They can not photosynthesis without it. They have no roots to bring moisture into their system. They use the water that surrounds them to help the carbon dioxide dissolve and … Continue reading

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