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Looking from the window

On April 28 of this year I was inside looking out – it wasn’t cold but the snow had stopped the world once again. Moving up and down the streets was difficult and walking places just wasn’t going to happen.We … Continue reading

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Watching for change

Today was a day of noticing little changes. Things are changing constantly. Sometimes we are aware of it but most of the time those changes go right past us. We are so busy that we get caught up in the … Continue reading

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Fighting the Beasts

Spring has hit full blown in Minnesota. It took awhile to get here but here it is. The trees are leafing out in record speed. The flowers are popping quickly and it only took a couple days for spinach and … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers and tulips

It is May first and we have traveled south from the winter lands of Minnesota to southern Iowa. Really it is only about 5 hours drive. Not that far south but the change in environment is amazing. We left Minneapolis … Continue reading

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