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#SOL2015 31/31 Thank You Writers

It is a glorious spring morning. A crystal blue sky, birds singing and a cup of tea by my side. My computer on my lab. I am in my little office and realize this is a bit of a dream. … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 20/21 Remembering Grandpa

Spring is a glorious time when the flowers show their heads and the air is filled with a sweet smell of growing. It is early for those smells and sights here in Minnesota so I pulled my husband along and … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 29/31 Stuck so walk on by

Every year on this challenge I get to one day that I am stuck. No ideas will come. The blank page takes over and I sit. I then get up and walk around my office, and my yard ( although … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 28/31 Let’s Get on With It!

I am sitting in a bright red room with book spines of every color surrounding me. The sun is sparkling in the side window and a bright solid blue sky peers in as I type. I had put on a … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 27/31 Writing about Reading

  I have discovered a new issue since retiring. It is a good problem to have but is a bit surprising for me. I have more time or am taking more time to read. It’s great but I am speeding … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 26/31 Looking Around Can Help Us

As classroom teachers our lives are so busy. We walk into our class in September and the next time we look up we are looking a May. A year has flown by, we have cover so much material, we have … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 25/31 Finding Stories

I was sitting the other night surfing the blogs that I enjoy and slipped on to Kate Messner’s blog. She had a wonderful poem called Found. She was seeking to clear her head and get back into writing so a … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 24/31 Taming dragons – not for public viewing

Funny – I wrote an extra post yesterday that I plan to post tomorrow. Does that make sense? I am traveling tomorrow  (Wednesday) and was unsure if I would be able to write and post. I got organized and wrote … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 23/31 Managing writing

I love this month long writing. This pushing myself to write daily is so important. It shows me what I can do. It shows me that writing produces more writing. It brings so many wonderful writers and their ideas into … Continue reading

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#SOL2015 22/31 Heavy skies

The clouds hang heavy in the sky, the wind is quiet and the temperature is sliding down to the chill of winter once again. I woke to the gray of late winter and can feel the push and pull of … Continue reading

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