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Looking to other writers

Journals and diaries have been in and out of my life since I was a little girl. I thought they were cool. I longed to be a writer who carried a journal with them everywhere – maybe a small one … Continue reading

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Day 18: Writing from snippets

Rain or Sun! I am sitting in my car on the top of a parking building. There are trees peering over the top edge of the lot with bright yellow leaves. The rain and sun exchange places every few minutes.One … Continue reading

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Day Four: How did I become a writer?

A good question – the how is interesting but for me I have to go back to when did I first start thinking of myself as a writer? What is my definition of a writer?  Who write? All that leads … Continue reading

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March is coming

This is exciting news – March is coming!  For so many reason I am excited on this bright, very cold January day. I sit in my office at home and realize that my thinking is slowing turning from the dark … Continue reading

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What makes a writer – am I a writer?

I think most of us who write and publish only through a blog post play around with the idea of what makes a writer. Am I a writer? Can I call myself a writer?  Maybe I am a writer but … Continue reading

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Searching and getting lost

A good title right – I got you! It give the impression of a deep and thoughtful post. Ha – not so much!  This is really my being mentally lost this morning. I am not able to stay focused. I … Continue reading

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Weeding the Garden: Returning to writing

The garden is in – well the veggies are. There are a few flowering plants that still need to find a home and there is plenty of weeding to do. As a gardener we know there is always plenty of … Continue reading

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Day 21 – Slice of Life Challenge – Joining the Party

I am not much of a party goer and not much of a joiner. I do love sitting with friends and chatting. I love having tea with people and learning from them. I am pushing past my party fears and … Continue reading

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Day 18 – Slice of Life Challenge – Seeking ideas

Stuck with writing this morning –  I reworked a piece this morning for my writers group which meets tomorrow. I read over a few chapters in Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I paged through Keeping a Nature Journal, by … Continue reading

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Day 14 – Slice of Life Challenge – overlapping processes

I am still reviewing my old red notebook. It has notes that are for my garden blog. The focus of the notebook is science and plants so it was interesting as I read this morning a few pages of notes … Continue reading

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