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Weeding the Garden: Returning to writing

The garden is in – well the veggies are. There are a few flowering plants that still need to find a home and there is plenty of weeding to do. As a gardener we know there is always plenty of … Continue reading

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Day 21 – Slice of Life Challenge – Joining the Party

I am not much of a party goer and not much of a joiner. I do love sitting with friends and chatting. I love having tea with people and learning from them. I am pushing past my party fears and … Continue reading

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Day 18 – Slice of Life Challenge – Seeking ideas

Stuck with writing this morning –  I reworked a piece this morning for my writers group which meets tomorrow. I read over a few chapters in Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I paged through Keeping a Nature Journal, by … Continue reading

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Day 14 – Slice of Life Challenge – overlapping processes

I am still reviewing my old red notebook. It has notes that are for my garden blog. The focus of the notebook is science and plants so it was interesting as I read this morning a few pages of notes … Continue reading

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Day 13 – Slice of Life Challenge -It’s about the Struggle!

The Real Work – It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work, And that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real … Continue reading

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Day 12 – Slice of Life Challenge – A Good idea (?) and the need for feedback

Six years ago, I sat down with a little red notebook, with the words create all over the cover, and started writing question. It was a time in my life when things were changing around me and I was trying … Continue reading

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Day 2 – Slice of Life: Beginning – choosing tools

“Choose your tools carefully, but not so carefully that you get uptight and spend more time in the stationery store than at your writing table.” N. Goldberg – Writing Down the Bones (1986) Natalie Goldberg in her first chapter speak … Continue reading

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