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OLG (Old Lady Gardner)#7 Aging Body Over Heart and Soul

It is cloudy, a bit cool (68 degrees) and damp this morning. We had a touch of rain about 5:50 this morning. Enough to see the sidewalk a bit damp but not enough to penetrate the leaf cover from the … Continue reading

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OLG (Old Lady Gardener) #6 Deep Summer comes early

Weather is always on the mind of gardeners. It can control how a gardening year goes. There are few things we can do to help things along but really we are not in control of what happens out there in … Continue reading

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OLG (Old Lady Gardener) #5 The Green of Summer

Summer has hit in Minnesota. Today it is suppose to get to 96 degrees. Remember just a few weeks ago it was in the low 40’s and dipping into the high 30″s at night. It is 12 noon and we … Continue reading

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OLG (Old Lady Gardening) #4 Native or Non Native Plants

We have reached June and the gardening season is in full swing. Flowers are blooming around the city and neighbors are spending Saturdays in their yards. It is fun to see what families are doing to improve their little piece … Continue reading

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