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Learning to make mistakes

As an “old lady” trying to learn new things I find myself struggling to struggle. Does that make sense? I am thinking children may be in this same spot at times. We begin to learn a new skill by looking … Continue reading

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Slice of Life – April is off and running

March was a busy month with blogging daily for the March Challenge, working some and a small local trip planned. All that said I found time for reading, walking and just doing a few things for myself.  I found quiet … Continue reading

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Day 28 – Slice of Life Challenge – When students become teachers

Today was day one of testing for our 5th graders. We are stepping into this testing season slowly with just the science test. Two days, two sections and then they are off for spring break. The first group showed up … Continue reading

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Day 27 – Slice of Life Challenge – And so it begins

The e-mails were flying today, and the conversations with teachers was a bit on edge. Tomorrow it starts for our school and everyone is unsettled. The spring state tests are what starts.  I work part time in a k-5 inter … Continue reading

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Fact, Opinion and Fake – Thinking About Navigating the News

I have fallen behind on my reading kids books. I am reading to many newspaper articles, magazines and blog posts and wondering how teachers are helping students make sense of the current political situation. How do you help students navigate the … Continue reading

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Muscle memory and beginners mind

I began the first round of testing with students today. It is a pre test (an optional test) that is suppose to help teachers track students learning and also give our third graders a chance to know what the spring … Continue reading

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It’s Monday! What are you reading? historical fiction

This has been a long season of election material in the news. It has been history making for sure. It has also let me know that as a nation we have lost touch with our history and our government. There … Continue reading

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It’s Monday! What are you reading? – a little of everything

I have not posted for awhile because I try to always post after I have finished reading a book or two. At this point in my year I have reverted back to my ADHD self and am reading three, four … Continue reading

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Worn down by computers and testing

The spring state testing has started! There is not much to say about it. I am spending my days setting up computers, logging in students, tracking issues and telling everyone it will be ok! Kids are working hard. They are … Continue reading

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For the love of words

“No, no you need to go to the dinosaur story – just wait she will leave!” As a writer I love listening into others conversation and today I had the perfect set up. I was school (think big city, mainly … Continue reading

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