Family reflections

It is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Winter has turned down the temperature to make it more than frosty outside. It leaves me content to sit in my office as far from the window as possible and just think. My little office was the children’s room over the weekend. It was full of laughter and noise. We had family from many places arriving and they were here for two large meals over the weekend. In this family group there were 24 in all – 9 of them were children.

This meant we needed to do a bit of child proofing. The ages were as young as 3 months and as old as 12. The basement bedroom was taken over by our adult children in from New York so my office seemed like the perfect and only spot. There were a few things that needed putting away since the littles in this group could not yet be trusted with permanent markers, my quilt I am working on or my homework for drawing class. All those items got stuffed into my closet. The legos came up from the basement, the children’s picture books got rearranged to the lower shelves and a basket of knitting became a basket of drawing books, pencils and crayons.

With my desk top cleared of my computer, and the TV brought up from the living room we were set. They had books galore, legos, a chance to run a good Christmas movie or two and floor space to hang out.

I was happy to see the room become an activity space. There were drawing lessons IMG-1577going on between kids, a couple sitting close on the edge of the couch sharing an I-pad with the current foot ball game going on. Someone was reading on the other side of the couch and then there were the few who just moved from space to space.

The living room was taken over by the adult children who started a game of Catch Phrase. They were joined by the 12 and 11 year olds and it became a rowdy group IMG-1575.JPGhaving a great time. It was nice to see our house full of people talking, playing and wondering in the kitchen to snack even though we had all eaten to much.

Most days now our house is quiet with just the two of us moving from room to room. We are often in the two upstairs bedrooms, turned offices, working on individual projects. Many times we are both on computers so the only sound we hear are the clicking of keys. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy these quiet nights and often quiet days. I have learned to settle into days of working on personal projects, walking and meeting up with my husband for lunch, dinner and maybe an evening movie.

But I must say it was great to have our home be the gathering place for all the kids. It is a wonderful feeling to know our home can easily be a home for our kids and all the cousins to share a bit of fun and conversation. It just doesn’t happen enough.

It truly was a time of giving thanks for all who came to share with us. We are blessed!

I hope that your weekend was also a time of being with friends and/or family – a chance to reconnect and nourish your soul.

Family photo 1.jpeg


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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6 Responses to Family reflections

  1. arjeha says:

    It is always nice to have a house full of family enjoying each other’s company and just having fun. How nice that the kids and the adults each had their own space.

  2. I could really see your house expanding and adjusting to all the people — grownups and children — who gathered for the holiday, and then settling back to its usual quietude with just the two of you after everyone has left. Your holiday sounds like it was just what you wanted it to be.

  3. Terje says:

    Makes me think of Cynthia Rylant’s The Relatives Came – the house full of people, the joy of being together.

  4. Crystal Wieland says:

    It is so nice to be home with family. To hustle to the kitchen for more food or to chase a kid and not an activity or a “to do” list. These are the memories we cherish and the ones which make us feel rich.

  5. Wendy Wieland says:

    What a beautiful story, Jo! Your home always feels so welcoming and peaceful, and is such a fun place to be, no matter what the age. I agree! It was a lovely day and one that I will always cherish. What a blessing to be in a house filled with loved ones, enjoying food prepared with loving hands, making memories to keep in our hearts forever.

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