Baking with the Heart in mind: post #1

The blog post below was written sometime last summer. My excitement was high but the heat of summer found me not interested in baking – turning on a hot oven was not the thing to do on a steamy summer day. So this post went into the draft section and I forgot about it.

Now as I pull it back up I am sat down from making cooking dough with lots of butter for the up coming Thanksgiving feast that will happen here in a just a few days. It is a traditional Thanksgiving so heart health is tricky. I am amazed at the amount of butter that seems to be going into the things I am making or the items my children will be making. No wonder this country has a heart problem.

That said I have decided to not fight the on coming wave of cooking with butter and will choose carefully what I eat on Thursday.  It does make me think again what our diet will be like after this feasting season.

My key questions for myself today as I make cookies and pumpkin pie are –

  • What can I do to return our eating to one with a healthy protein and veggies?
  • How can baking be a part of that if at all?

Here is the post that got this whole line of thinking going!

  • July 1, 2018

download.jpgThis is all starting because I love to bake – no good at it yet but like to do it. Love making bread. My son left his standing mixer behind when he moved to New York City to live in a very tiny apartment. (It’s Manhattan what can I say – it was calling to him more that the mixer.) So I have this beautiful Teal colored stand mixer. A thing I have always thought about buying.

Perfect right?!  Well, not so fast – first we have the fact that I am eating carefully after having a heart attack – Mediterranean diet  – low fats, veggies and protein are most important. Then you have my husband who is watching his health as we age and he proclaimed he was not eating carbs! It really made a difference in his weight. He felt lighter and healthier. Good for what ails you!

So no or low carbs and heart healthy are the top things in our list of eating in a healthy way. It really rules out bread, or buttermilk pancakes or butter rich scones with heavy whip cream. I could go on but this list is making me hungry.

(I can bake and give it all away. I can bake only when someone is coming to the house. I can just give up and not bake at all. None of these sound like fun. )

With this in mind I am setting myself on a journey of finding recipes that are heart healthy, low fats and fun to make. I have not figured out how to get around the no/low carbs issue yet but I am thinking about it.

I started today by eating a rhubarb scone that was a no no – too much fat both butter and heavy cream but boy was it good. Ok I did have a heart healthy salad with chicken next to it. Does that count?

Now I am sitting down to get serious about finding ways to use this beautiful mixer, enjoy baking and still stay healthy.

Wish me luck!  I am more than willing to share the successes and the messes that I am sure will come.  Especially since I have no idea how to use this mixer and my dear son left no operating directions.  There is a daughter not to far away who uses hers all the time. She will be my go to expert. She just doesn’t know that yet. Here’s hoping she does not read my blog very often.

  • November 20, 2018

Reviewing this blog lets me know that part of my new years resolution is to return to eating well and to find ways to use the stand mixer to help with that goal. January will be the start of exploring health bread and foods.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to Baking with the Heart in mind: post #1

  1. Adrienne says:

    I have been resisting buying a beautiful mixer like the one you show for that very reason. I love to bake but live alone – I’d end up eating it all. I am making do just fine with a hand mixer and wooden spoons for now.

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