Summer Gardens –

IMG_5977.jpgIt has been awhile since I have written or at least written about my garden. It has been quietly – growing weeds and all. It was a rough start to the season and the gardens looked good but the lawn around them looked like someone had taken a blow torch to them. Large circles of dead grass which quickly turned to weeds left me feeling like I had no idea how to garden.

It took the month of June to get things under control and to feel like the yard was not a deserted lot. There was the weeding, then loosening of soil, seeding and covering to try and regain the grass. Then watering and letting things grow. It was great when I didn’t need to mow but when you are not mowing the weeds are growing faster and faster taking over any spot they can find. So I was back to crawling around on my knees chasing the weeds before they developed and scattered more seeds.

I did my share of complaining – first it was raining to much and every thing was way to wet. Then it turned hot and dry and I was out watering everyday. It seems the life of a gardener is full of tiny struggles. I actually think it is why we garden – gardeners are people who love to take on challenges and see if they can win over the craziness of nature and weather. Can we figure out what makes things tick in our little place on earth? And we might just like the complaining a bit as well. All that talking over the garden fence about weather!

IMG_5986.jpgFor all the ups and downs of this summer there have been great flowering delights that are fun to run into as I crawl around in the dirt looking for weeds. There have been a few veggies to eat as well – the lettuce and spinach were wonderful while they lated – the heat finally ended them for now. The radishes were great and now we are starting to eat tiny little carrots. Their flavor is amazing and I have to stop pulling them out of the ground and let a few grow up to bigger carrots. The tomatoes are growing like crazy but are still green. It will be weeks before we are eating those. The peppers are beginning to IMG_5988.jpgform and herbs are perfect for eating now. The smell and taste of fresh dill on salads or veggies can’t be beat. The basil and cilantro are being made into pesto to save for winter treats. When the harvest begins and the fresh flowers are on the table each day I remember why I put up with the rain, the heat and the bugs. IMG_5997.jpgIMG_5982.jpgIMG_5993.jpg


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to Summer Gardens –

  1. Trina Haase says:

    These are gorgeous images you posted. I’m in awe of all you grew!

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