walking and …

tangeltown.jpgIt was a cloudy Sunday afternoon and we decided to get a walk in before the day got away from us. We looked at the radar and the clouds. It was clear it would rain but not for awhile we could do this. We also decided to walk in an area not far from our house called Tangle Town. Yes, it is what you think – a series of streets that curve and angle in all directions, a place to get lost in. It is also set on the side of a variety of steep hills. A great place to walk. It is full of beautiful homes, hills to stretch your legs out, trees and gardens to get lost in.

I was internally reluctant to take this walk but Doug was excited to get a few more steps so I agreed. We drove over to the area and as we stepped out of the car Doug realized as quickly as I did that we had not been back in these lovely hills for about 2 years.

The last time we walked these hills was exactly this same time of year. It was beastly hot and I couldn’t do it. This was the washburn-water-tower.jpgtime I returned to the car to drink water feeling a bit sick while Doug climbed one more hill to the water tower and back. This was the time we realized in hind site I was starting to show signs of heart issues. In late August of that year I had a heart attack that we did not see coming but maybe should have.

So this return to the Tangle Town hills had me on edge, a bit teary eyed with the memory but feeling I could do it this time. The weather was cooler and I have been walking with ease for two years.

We started our walk at a good pace and talked through my hesitations and Doug’s understanding of why neither of us had suggested walking these hills until today. We rounded another corner and headed up a second hill through rows of Hosta plants, and shade trees, greeted a wonderful old dog who was taking his owner for a walk and then heard the thunder loud and clear.

We moved forward turning at the corner in the direction of the car thinking we had time. We did not – within seconds the rain began in large heavy drops. We headed for a group of trees hoping to wait it out. It quickly became clear that was not going to work as we stood getting wetter and wetter. So we took off for the car.

In a few minutes Doug was holding on to his shorts that were drooping and dripping much lower that any man his age should be wearing them. I coming up behind wondering how I was going to be able to get my tight jeans, that were now even tighter now that hey were soak, off. I also realized they were tighter than any woman my age should be wearing. We looked like drowned rats scurrying down the streets, across puddles and small lakes forming on the sidewalks.

rainThe rain continued and we wondered the curves and hills of Tangle Town knowing where our car was but not sure the quickest way there. A bit lost. The car was indeed up the highest hill to the water tower and over the other side. Suddenly I slowed a bit in our running walk to realize –

  • yes, I was soaking wet,
  • yes, I was basically running up and down hills,
  • yes, I was talking to Doug and not winded

YES, this was a beautiful day in the rain and I was just fine!

We were up and over the hill quickly, crawled into the car and drove home dripping as the sun came out to smile and to share in our joy of taking a simple walk in the rain.

What a pleasure it is to be walking the hills in the rain!


(Map and Tower photos are pull from an article written about the neighborhood.)



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to walking and …

  1. Thanks for taking us on your walking adventure! I sounds like you did a great job of making lemonade from lemons and are relieved and grateful for the return of an enjoyable activity. It also sounds like you tolerated it without any health issues! We were in St. Paul during the last two weekends and experienced some of the heavy rains, too!

  2. Mukhamani says:

    I am so glad that you could walk all the way and back 🙂 Walking in the rain is fun sometimes. Here our monsoon season has started. Every evening we go for a walk taking our umbrellas. Otherwise we would have to stay at home for the next three months 🙂 Only if it is pouring we do not venture out.

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