Day Seven: Lifting spirits

snow shadows.jpgWe have surfaced from yet another snow storm. Mid day there is a bright sun and rich, deep blue skies to fill the day. Shadows reach across the front gardens outlining the elm tree on the snow. Squirrels and birds are chattering away this morning. Each call seems to say the spring is not far away.

People’s spirits lift quickly when the sun is out and the temperature begins to climb near 30 or 35 degrees. At school the energy rises as rosy red cheek kids come tumbling in from recess. The dog walkers are out slipping over icy sidewalks but hey the sun it out.

We are creatures of nature. Our moods swing with the sun and clouds. It does not take much to energize those of us who are in the north. A clear starry night sky, a sunning blue sky or warming temperatures is all we need to change our moods and emotions. Somehow life seems easier when it is clear skies and warming temps.

I try hard not to let my mood swing with the weather. I try to keep it capped. I can feel moody inside but to the world I try to keep a good cheer. I noticed my office mate was working hard to do the same thing this morning. We began the day just as the sky was turning light but there was a deep mass of dark clouds lingering in the western sky heading our way. We were both quiet, slow, and moving around without much conversation. We heading into our office with no windows or outside light for now (the building is being remolded). You could feel the dull weight on both of us.

An hour or so later after both of us had been running around helping kids. We met again to check out where we will be moving our office in a few weeks since our space will be torn apart to make a new hallway. We dragged up the stairs and down the hall and into to a shared office that we will join. There are 5 folks in there now and we will add 3 more. We should have been feeling crowded but instead what we saw was windows, fresh air and sunshine.

It did not matter that we would share a too small table. It did not matter that there was going to be to many people in this office. We could work around it, it will only be for a few month but we had sun, windows and fresh air.

We left smiling and much happier about the move. It will be tricky but we can make it work all we needed was a bit of sun and blue sky.

Do your moods swing with the weather?



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Day Seven: Lifting spirits

  1. My moods absolutely swing with the weather. I notice on days where there is visible sunshine- I am so much more energized! Awesome post. Keep on keepin’ on.

  2. Clare Landrigan says:

    I like different activities and traditions in each season so that helps me. As long as I can get outside – and go out in all weather to exercise – I am ok. Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons! Spring has to be around the corner!

  3. Ramona says:

    Yep! Blue skies are the best mood lifter ever. Yesterday was sunny and warm, almost 60 degrees. Today was cloudy and barely nudged 50, and tomorrow it will be raining and the winds will pick up. Glad we spent time yesterday and today at the park with the grand boys!

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