Day Six: Breathing and Balance

download-1.jpgBreathing in and breathing out – a balance of air to keep the lungs moving and the body balanced. We do it without thinking. Our brain and body work together to create a heathy environment. A balance that seems solid, seems like a sure thing but it doesn’t take much to tip that balance. A bit of over shoveling, over eating the wrong foods or the tension of too many days without taking time for ones self can slide us into a tumbling mess.

In my past I was good a tipping the balance to where I was spinning. I am a person who tends to move more than most so it didn’t take much to throw me off into a rocking and rolling craziness.

Now I am older and wiser – also retired- and have learned the need to take time for me. I have learned the value of long walks, time to just sit and a good long session on a yoga mat. In saying that, I don’t always manage it on my own. So once a week I show up at my little neighborhood yoga studio for a good long hour of yoga that is catered to me. download.jpg

I have chosen as my treat and method of healing from to many years of stress to take a private yoga session each week. It is one of the glorious times of the week when I step into a quiet beautiful space. I settle into long stretches, balanced with strengthening and tuning into the knots and cramps that I bring with me. My instructor watches and listens for my needs each time I come but also keeps pushing me to open up the frozen shoulder, to work out the cramp in the right hip or to just slow down on days when I come in wound up.

I have spend years building ill health, weak or knotted muscle and emotional craziness. I so wish I had taken the time to listen closely to what my body was telling me years ago. It takes a long time to heal deep patterns of stress and tension. I know I will get there. I know that these wonderful Tuesday with yoga are making a difference and I am grateful for them.

My note to you is if you are young – find the time for health – relax, eat health food and step on a yoga mat once a week, at least.  If you are old like me – it is never to late to make changes. It doesn’t have to be big – a walk around the block, one less dessert a week, put a yoga mat on the floor and step on it each day for just a little stretch.  You will be surprised with what you find you can do if you just stay with it.

I am sore tonight from deep stretches but there is a peace in having found time for breathing and balancing in my life.




About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to Day Six: Breathing and Balance

  1. I am so so grateful that I found yoga during my first year of teaching. I truly can’t wait until I can hit the mat for a full hour on Thursdays to let go of the week. ❤ Yoga breathing has gotten me through many a tough moment.

  2. ureadiread says:

    Thank you for this reminder…time to shift.

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