Looking from the window

On April 28 of this year I was inside looking out – it wasn’t cold but the snow had stopped IMG_5542the world once again. Moving up and down the streets was difficult and walking places just wasn’t going to happen.We were in full winter mode.

A few months have gone by and I am once again stuck looking out the window. The sun is out and garden is moving quickly from spring tulips to summer blooms but…

The but is that we are back inside looking out due to excessive heat warnings. If you are smart and get up early you can take a slow walk around the neighborhood. Bring Water! Once we past 9:00 am it is time to retreat back into the house and air conditioning.

I hate to say it but age and a heart attack have made the hot summer (100 degrees) just a bit much for me. So inside I am. I walked just after 7:00 am this morning and I was glad to see the house after my mile and half. (I didn’t bring water – not smart!)

I venture out just like I did in the winter. A spend a few minutes picking rhubarb and back in. An hour later I am out putting dill seeds in the raised beds and back in. Next will be cutting lettuce and spinach now that the bed is in the shade. But always back in after a few minutes.

I use to laugh at my elderly Aunts who insisted we have the June family reunion in the Bank Basement. My gosh – it is a picnic shouldn’t we be outside!

Many years later I send my apologies to my long gone Aunts. I get it now – the heat is hard when you are older and you ladies were doing all the work. We kids were just playing and hanging out. We were not making food, serving food and cleaning up. So Sorry!  The foolishness of youth.

IMG_5802.jpgSo in this year of changing climate we have spent time inside watching snow. We have spent time inside watching storms and winds. Now we are inside watching the heat lift off the cement in waves and the flowers droop!

Let’s hope this altering of our weather patterns – settles just a bit bringing our temperature back into a more normal range.  I will take low 80’s for now!


PS – I do have to say there are a few flowers who are loving the heat –

  • The Blue False Indigo is in full bloom!




About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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5 Responses to Looking from the window

  1. Terje says:

    Take care. Stay in. Drink water. The heat will pass.

  2. I love your post. I too am slowly but surely aging and I regret so many of those thoughts I had….not so long ago. I went to the zoo on that really hot day….I’ll be rethinking those trips….sigh….but aging is still better than the alternative.

  3. I can so relate to this Joanne – we are in Wisconsin – your neighbors and experienced the same heat this past weekend (98 degrees) and it was my son’s graduation weekend! Family in town, rushing around, and wearing dress clothes were a little much! I am also a new garden advisor at a school with extensive flower gardens. So, just as we were heating up, I was out side with 200 youth on 2 different days – it was too much. I hope it cools down soon! Take your water tomorrow!

  4. Ramona says:

    Oh, Joanne, I’m hoping for a break in your weather. It’s too early for that kind of heat. Hoping your low 80s return soon. My brother in OK is having extremely to weather too. It’s worrisome. When I saw your “Looking from the window” title, I was totally ready for some beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing your Blue False Indigo pic. While you wait for a break in the weather, keep your time outside brief and remember to bring water! I know hot weather (lived for 11 years in Houston, and grew up in OK), but after twenty + years in the NW, I’m so hesitant to leave and visit anyone in the summer months.

  5. Walking early in the morning before the heat steals the day is a joy. Windows are important on many levels, but do provide opportunities for thought and reflection -something of an added bonus. May you continue to enjoy and appreciate both. Stay cool. Stay well.

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