Day 29 – Slice of Life Challenge – Finding poems

I returned to my old notebooks today to find my writing. So many are half filled. Bits and pieces of writing, and writing lessons – ones I have taught or were taught to me as part of writing classes I have taken.

Ideas like:

  •  A poem of senses  – What do I hear? see? feel? and smell?
    • Smell –  I smell the soil beneath my feet, soft, squishing leaves, and molding moss clinging to the rotting trunk as the cool fog drifts past
    • See – I see the bright green of young pine trees jumping out at us as we move. The red leaves slowing turing to fall brown as other colors fade in the cool morning air.
    • Hear – I hear Garcia slip past me as the leaves crunch, and the soil squishes. The sounds fade for a moment as she barks. Silence before the songs of the forest return.
  • A poem hides –  where do poems hide?
    • A poem hides in the fibers of wool gloves where my fingers warm.
    • A poem hidden inside the heat and sweat of hands working the shovel of snow
    • A poem hides in the leather of my sons oversized shoes. Shoes that carry him as he weaves through his day.
  • Showing not telling

Jar by Jar 

Bubbling, splattering, steaming

mush in the pot

leaving a brown spice aroma

hot steam lifts up

four youthful adults make light work

peeling, cooking, blending

their voices sharing time current and past

these four have been at this kitchen

a tradition since they were born

turning, basting, stirring

as soon as they could stand

jar by jar they work

filling thoughts of family escapades

quite readings and laughing

each jar hold a little lemon juice

that sour moment of

sadness, anger or fear

that we hold between friends

that preserves the sauce

those thirty jars now set to cool

sealing their friendshipIMG_0634.jpg

waiting for the final ping of the lid

telling us we will all return

near year for homemade



Can you create a poem using your senses or a poem hidden some place or one that just shows not tells?


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to Day 29 – Slice of Life Challenge – Finding poems

  1. Alan Wright says:

    I like the way you delved into your notebook to find small pieces of treasure and how it prompted your poetic process. Your resultant poem has benefited greatly from these re-readings.. A most important action. Thank you Joanne for reminding me how critical this summoning up is to the composition of poetry.

  2. It really is amazing where we can find poems. They are waiting for us…we just have to look! While this isn’t a poem, per se, I did try a senses slice earlier this month about a visit to London.

  3. arjeha says:

    Notebooks are goldmines of ideas. Your poem literally has me in that kitchen watching what is happening.

  4. Hessy says:

    I can already tell that’s gonna be super hepfull.

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