Writing daily ( March Post #5)

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Writing daily is hard but the best thing you can do. This is written  in every book I have read about writing. I have read a lot them. My husband who is a technical writer say the same thing. But it is so much easier to say you are going to write daily than to actually sitting down and writing.

It is words on a page that counts, sentences count, paragraphs count – you just need to write.

So March is my month to be sure that words go on the page every single day. Not just the word here at this post but words for the stories that linger in my head. I wrote a note and posted it in my office that says simply WRITE DAILY!

I have been writing daily ( all 5 days) until today – today we drove 7 hours to visit my Mother in Iowa. I was sure I could write in the car, or write after we arrived in the evening.  Ahhh but here is where plans slide away from you.  Literally sometimes.


We live in the midwest – Minnesnowta.  Yes, the road conditions said green – great driving conditions. Well, no not really. It was the slipping and sliding type of drive. No writing was going to happen. After many hours of blowing snow, partially snow covered highways and icy patches we drove into sun and clear roads for the last leg of the trip.  Exhausted – no writing.

Tired but safe we arrived at my Mother’s care facility in southern Iowa just as she was going to bed – she is turning 95 so it was not real late. We chatted and I gave her spring flowers. I promised her I would be there in the morning to spend the whole day with her.

We have now had dinner, checked into a hotel and I am now ready to write?

No writing is happening!!

Today I am sad to say it will just be this post. What ever deeper writing or stories that were sliding around in my head  have blown away with all the drifting highway snow.

I will try again tomorrow while Mom is napping!  Let’s hope she naps!

And  I will keep trying to write daily – knowing that there will be days that the snow may just blow the wrong way.imgres

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to Writing daily ( March Post #5)

  1. I understand “What ever deeper writing or stories that were sliding around in my head have blown away with all the drifting highway snow.” It is amazing how the need to attend to driving can erase what was in our mind and then other drives can stir so many stories that we can’t get them all down.

    I hope your visit brings happy memories perhaps to write about and your drive home so pleasant your mind is all that is drifting, from story to story.

  2. Tara Smith says:

    Well, writing did happen you gave us a glimpse of driving in the snow, and being with your mom. Bravo!

  3. Nf says:

    I think you’re being unfair to yourself… The goal is simply to write daily, not to produce some deep, insightful piece, but simply to connect pen to paper. And I think, if you reread this piece you’ll find more than you’re giving yourself credit for.

  4. I love to read and need to write more. So many of my friends tell me that I write well. I have one book out and need to get on my newer ideas.

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