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Day 13 – Slice of Life Challenge -It’s about the Struggle!

The Real Work – It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work, And that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real … Continue reading

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Day 12 – Slice of Life Challenge – A Good idea (?) and the need for feedback

Six years ago, I sat down with a little red notebook, with the words create all over the cover, and started writing question. It was a time in my life when things were changing around me and I was trying … Continue reading

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Day 2 – Slice of Life: Beginning – choosing tools

“Choose your tools carefully, but not so carefully that you get uptight and spend more time in the stationery store than at your writing table.” N. Goldberg – Writing Down the Bones (1986) Natalie Goldberg in her first chapter speak … Continue reading

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The Coming of March-the need to focus

I have written for the March Slice of Life Challenge for several years now. I started writing when I was in the classroom teaching every day. I was writing when I was teaching and my Mother was declining in health … Continue reading

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What we learn from Nature writers

Thoreau, Leopold, Emerson, Carson, Dillard, Kimmerer, Goodall, Ackerman and Teale are just a few of the people who over time fit into the genre of Nature writers. There are so many both historical and current writers I could go on … Continue reading

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Journals and Diaries – Building a writing habit

As a kid I remember wanting a diary. The little book with a lock and key. I was told this was a place I could write all my secrets and tell all my stories. My older sister had one and … Continue reading

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Watching the Tomatoes

It’s early morning and I am in my office, computer on my lab and ready to work. I have great notes from my writers group about next steps for my writing. I have started a new chapter idea that I … Continue reading

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Pondering quiet celebrations and writing

It’s 8:00 am and my eyes are adjusting to the sun outside my window. I am not moving as fast this morning as usual. I don’t respond very quickly in the morning after a night of little sleep. The wild … Continue reading

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Summer and my OLW – the on going roller coaster

One Little Word (OLW) – my guiding word for this year is developing. It fits for where I am in my world. I am developing a new identity after retiring from teaching. I am working on developing a middle grade fiction … Continue reading

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Pushing past the next blank page – a writers ramble

I have started writing many children’s books. A few have been finished and they remain hidden in my computer or are tucked in folders on the bottom shelf in my office with all my curriculum materials that I have not … Continue reading

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