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Closing up the garden

PERSONAL NOTE: The post below was written last week on Sunday. All ready to go for Tuesday. I was so proud of myself for being organized and ready for the week. I would review it on Tuesday a.m. and post. I … Continue reading

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Rainy day reflection- the wild world is still out there

It is early evening and the rain is falling gently outside as I sit on the couch at home. It has been a grey and rainy day all day. A cool day for early September – warming at times but … Continue reading

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Staying on Schedule

I am retired. I have been retired for about 5 years. My days are often wide open and I am free to follow whatever schedule I would like. It is an amazing thing to think about. Especially as I watch … Continue reading

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Looking to other writers

Journals and diaries have been in and out of my life since I was a little girl. I thought they were cool. I longed to be a writer who carried a journal with them everywhere – maybe a small one … Continue reading

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Gardening is not a rational activity

“Gardening is not a rational activity.” ~ Margaret Atwood My son asked me earlier this summer: “Why do you do this? You just keep doing the same thing every year. The weeds return, the bushes are to high for you to … Continue reading

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walking and …

It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon and we decided to get a walk in before the day got away from us. We looked at the radar and the clouds. It was clear it would rain but not for awhile we … Continue reading

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Early Summer Gardens

It is now June – a lovely month. Here in the northern mid west we move between 80 degree days and 55 degree nights. (We will not talk about the four days of 99 to 100 degree heat that showed … Continue reading

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Looking from the window

On April 28 of this year I was inside looking out – it wasn’t cold but the snow had stopped the world once again. Moving up and down the streets was difficult and walking places just wasn’t going to happen.We … Continue reading

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Watching for change

Today was a day of noticing little changes. Things are changing constantly. Sometimes we are aware of it but most of the time those changes go right past us. We are so busy that we get caught up in the … Continue reading

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This and That – spinning

It is mid evening. The day has been long and there is still a small pile of things to do for my job sitting next to me. I have not written since last week. I am missing the daily Slice … Continue reading

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