OLG – Old Lady Gardner #19 Moving on…2023??

Winter is here in Minnesota! We had a day of snow. I think there is about 6 inches out there right now. The winter chill has also set in with temperatures dropping dropping tomorrow night with a brisk wind along with it. This is our second deep cold spell. It could be a long winter. Minnesota’s weather is crazy but the general trend is winter. Boots, hats, mittens, scarfs and coats are needed and with Mason it means he and I both need snow pants while crawling around with the sled. It also means the outdoor garden season is over.

The pot by the front door, the last task for this fall, is frozen solid with the fake sunflowers smiling up at us. It will be dragged to the back and I just went to the garden center to buy a pot of evergreens to replace it. The creating my own winter design this year is just not going to happen. Thawing a pot inside and pulling all the greens inside to make it is just too big of a mess. Simple is better this year I think.

Now I am puttering around inside with house plants and a few plant cutting from outside. My sunroom/plant room is chilly but running at about 62 degrees with the floor heat running all the time. I pulled out a few plants that really need it to be warmer, like the orchids. The violets are there tucked into the back corner under lights. They also might be better in another room but we will see.

The Christmas cactus like the cool and longer nights for now so I am leaving them in hopes they will all bud out at once. It would be a great display if they all decided to bloom at the same time. Maybe a January display since there are no buds right now. They will not bloom for Christmas for sure. (This photo to the left is a White Thanksgiving cactus. The one to the right is the window with all most of the Cactus’ getting ready to bloom. )

The tiny stonecrop plants I rescued from the street machines are growing! We had sidewalks pulled up, deep holes made and new gas meters added to the outside of all the houses in our neighborhood. These guys although nice did not see that there were plants growing. Big machines and big work boots pretty much destroyed the small gardens. These tiny little plants are making their way back to life. Here is hoping they will last out the long winter months so they can return to the garden in the spring. Spring here means May. This means seven months for me to keep this little guys going. Oh Boy! We will see if that can happen.

This row of pictures are a couple of the plants I am hoping to replant next spring. The grow shelf tucked in the corner is my propagation station. My African Violets are here on the top shelf. Below is a new little plant growing in its own little dome. Can you see it? The photo is a bit fuzzy due to the clear plastic dome over the plant.

What really has started is my thinking about next year. For most gardeners there is a bit of a rest here while our brains keep reviewing the glories and the mess of the last season. Then the planning and ordering begins. If I want to start perennial seeds I need to get those ordered within a few weeks. They really need to get started growing in January under lights. Perennials are slow growers. They need a good 4 or 5 months of growth before I can think about adding them to the garden. This is why many gardeners buy their perennials or seed them outside in the fall hoping they will over winter and sprout in the spring.

The adding of a plant room has pushed me into thinking more like the folks at the greenhouses. They are already working on growing plants we will purchase next spring. They have sorted out what they want us to see and have their seeds and maybe even have some of them growing already. They have cleared their greenhouses of the Christmas blooming cactus and the Poinsettia to be sold at garden centers and the spring growing season has started for them.

I am working on planning the 2023 garden. (Yikes, that sounds odd!) The garden catalogs have begun to arrive and with the snow comes time to step back and think. I hope!

Are your thoughts already moving towards 2023? I am not trying to rush the year along but hey winter is not my favorite season anymore. Cold and ice are not as much fun as I get older. Although I have to say the snow angles we made today were fun and looked great since the snow was deep enough. (sorry no picture we were having to much fun in the snow.)

Here is to dreams of spring weather and green plants!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to OLG – Old Lady Gardner #19 Moving on…2023??

  1. Ramona says:

    We had snow flurries all day, just enough to barely cover the grass, but the grands loved it. Still waiting to see if our book club will meet tonight. It doesn’t take too much to keep people of the Northwest home. While I’m not a gardener, I do look forward to longer days, spring weather, and green plants. And glad that it doesn’t take until May for spring to arrive!

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