OLG – Old Lady Gardner #16 Patience and Humor

Mid October blew in with strong cold winds, snow and some bright but very chilly days. There is so much left to do the garden. The leaves fall like rain (oh how I wish it was rain) and the flower pots are now dripping with frost bitten plants. I have saved a few in my new sun room – cutting tiny slips and putting them in water to root. Hoping that each will pot up, as they say, and grow slowly over the winter so they can join next years garden.

This means my little sun room is filling up with jars of water and small plants. There are the African violets I am trying to root from a friend plus the slips of Coleus, Begonia (Encanto by name), and Salvia. They are all currently enjoying 50 to 60 degree weather while outside it is blowing a cool 25 (wind chill at 15 degrees) each evening.

The raking needs to be done and am hoping the young guy who mows will be able to mow this week chopping up the leaves to be placed on the garden beds. Last week it snowed on his day to come so no mowing of leaves happened. Yes, SNOWED in mid October. Crazy right??!! I know it is Minnesota but that is a bit early for us even.

I have a box of bulbs, about 150 of them, to go into the ground but am waiting till later this week when we are suppose to warm back up for a few days. No one likes digging holes and planting when it is below 30 degrees.

I am learning once again that gardening is not for the faint of heart, at least if you live in Minnesota. You must be patient, hardy and flexible. A sense of humor also helps.

Not only am I running around saving plants from the weather but then yesterday the city folks who laid internet cable years ago showed up to fix the broken cement they had left behind. Great! I was so excited to get that sidewalk repaired until I watch the backhoe pull up to crack up large pieces of cement and drag them away right through the small succulent garden I have been developing this summer. It is/was a tiny area where they had backed filled with rocks about 4 years ago so nothing would grow. I finally got these lovely stonecrop plants to establish themselves and were flowering this past September. Now they are just torn bits of plants. The backhoe did a lot of damage but I thought maybe I could save a few pieces once they left. No, that was not to be. Once the backhoe did its thing the guys tromped all over the plants with nice heavy work boots. Good going guys!

I did pull a few tiny pieces of plants and took them into the sunroom and have planted them. Between the cold, the heavy cement pieces and tromping boots I will be surprised if they survive. Poor things.

Well, I decided it was not worth getting mad at and so this has become a task on my January to do list for the garden of 2023. Research what new plants can go in this space next spring. Find some fun new stonecrop plants to place in the tiny garden by the front sidewalk.

Oh, yes the wonders of gardening in a northern city! Here is to a few more warm days, time enough to plant bulbs and enough rain and snow this winter to help relieve the two year drought we are currently in!

Happy Fall Everyone!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to OLG – Old Lady Gardner #16 Patience and Humor

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    WOW! I’m getting tired just reading about all you did for your garden. You know, I love the *idea* of gardening, and I even love the feeling that comes with working in the soil. I just don’t actually *do* it as often as my garden would probably want me to. Let’s just say I have a very “survival of the fittest” approach to my landscaping.

    And…I do hope we’ll get to see some spring pics once all your work pays off!

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