After the party – silence is golden

It is dark and still. The house is silent. Even the loud refrigerator is quiet. Ahhh – silence is golden!

It has been a week of family, and friends visiting. It has been seven days of house guests. Lovely family staying – coming and going. There was a day of cooking last Wednesday. A long evening of cooking and eating and chatting on Thursday. There was a turkey and a duck frying in the back yard next to a roaring fire. The kitchen full of bowls, pots, good food and every small kitchen appliance I own. There was the stand mixer, the immersion blender, the blender, the food processor, spoons and the instant pot all in use at some point during our preparation. You would have thought we were feeding a small army of folks. Really it was just 9 of us and one of us is two years old. There was wine and laughter and much talking. (oh and a short Covid scare but all was good just a head cold – whew!) That was Thanksgiving!

Then came Friday with snacks, drinks, more family, another roaring fire out in the cold dark yard. A family Happy Hour with my brothers family, my family and my sister. That HH started at five and most left for home about 9 and few more left closer to 10. Then my son, husband and I remained chatting until 1 a.m. Another glorious time with food and family.

The weekend quieted down but still folks around and activities keeping us busy.

Then came today. My son and wife flew home to Atlanta this morning. My husband headed out to dinner and music with an old friend. Little Man, my grandson went home a bit later (another covid scare needed to be checked out before Mom could pick him up. Again all good – this is where negative is a happy thing).

And now I am here alone. Lights are low. I have had a wonderful potato carrot soup, and a piece of left over cake found in the refrig – must have been from my son and daughter laws dinner out last night. It was sweet but great.

It is the glorious quiet after the party! The last week was fun, busy and full of love and caring. There were some deep conversations, there was some sharing of hard times and worries but there was also laughter and joy. There were hugs and quiet moments. There was to much rich food.

There was family! Now I get to sit and reflect, remember and enjoy the quiet of this night.

The after party of me sitting alone with a good book, a hot drink and silence!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to After the party – silence is golden

  1. There’s so much to be said about all of the appliances and dishes and people and conversations, and also so much to appreciate about the peace and quiet when it’s all put away and you get to sit and absorb all the memories that were made.

  2. Ramona says:

    Love how you captured so much to love in your week! Your words had me right there enjoying the fire, in the kitchen, five HHs!

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