Looking Back and Back to move me forward

This is a post I wrote a few years ago – like 2018 or so. Tonight as I sit down to write I am short of words and thoughts so I returned to some of my old posts and found this. It seems to still fix both my thinking and the quote from Terry Tempest Williams. Sometime we do indeed need to go underground. We need to create a balance for ourselves and our family. These last few years have been hard and we need to give ourselves grace and time. A space to right ourselves again. So I share these thoughts with you again today.


I am looking to hold on to positives.

  • the smile of a child, or friend
  • the daily sounds of workers in the neighborhood,
  • the birds early morning song
  • the feeling of the rhythm of the day

I have been returning to strong women writers to look for words and thoughts to hold on to. Searching for steps to take that make sense for me and the folks around me. So today I found a passage I pulled from the start of an unfinished post in Feb. 2017. Terry Tempest Williams was talking of our political life but it still is relevant today.

She provides a suggestion to step back from the frenzy of the social media. A thought to pay attention to the things at home – family, friends and work at hand.  Writing, reading and planning for the next steps when we are able to come out of the cocoon we find ourselves in.

So here I share her thoughts from 2017 – edited a bit. I find them helpful and carry a sense of the future. This to shall pass – it is what we learn from this and what we do about it that will matter.

  • From Terry Tempest Williams

“… How we choose to navigate this new territory will be up to each of us. Tonight, I am signing off of social media for awhile. I need to get my bearings, pay attention and do the work at hand: write. I am taking Badger as my mentor, knowing when it is time to go underground and when to surface.  It is time for me to go underground. Today in a conversation with Caroline Casey, she reminded me of “defiant joy.”  We need to stay focused. We need to be strong in our resolve to both resist distractions and insist on doing the right thing, galvanize our love to protect and fight for all we hold dear  — Climate change is real. The Open Space of Democracy is vulnerable. But I believe in the enduring power of our collective will to protect our planet, the only home we have. Consciousness is a forward motion.  We cannot go back. Watch your hearts.”

So friends Watch your Heart and take time for yourself and family as we enter this winter season. Read, write and reflect.

Thinking of you and your families!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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