Not Writing

It has been almost a month since I last was here and writing. My handwritten personal journal is almost the same. I have shown up there to try and hand write but find I can only write a half of page before my hand gives way and I become frustrated. Typing here is better but still not a task that is done without breaks and thinking about how I move my left wrist so I feel less pain.

The broken wrist bone has long since healed but the soft tissue, nerves and joints with arthritis are still struggling to heal and find a new normal. It all feels a bit like life these days with the pandemic. We know some things have healed but we are all still hunting for what is our new normal. Things like: when and where do we wear masks? Should I eat out or continue doing take out and eating at home? Where is it safe to take my 2 year old grandson? (he is learning to wear his mask at the library and in the grocery store) Do I travel or is it still best to stay at home? How do I deal with relatives who have still decided not to get vaccinated? What is my best bet for holidays that are quickly coming this way?

I have the same number of questions when I think about my wrist and neither of these sets questions have good answers.

So this leads me to the no writing – I find it physically hard and emotionally I seem to keep coming back to the same questions and topics – health, healing, pandemic – none of it very cheerful and at times all of it very boring. We seem to be stuck as a society and I am feeling stuck as well.

Time for a new goal to help find my way out of this hole. I have decided I need to make a list of topics like I do for the March Writing challenge. I need to make sure the topics are interesting and fun. The key word here is fun. There are plenty of wonderful things going on but I have let the pain and negative take charge. Sometimes we need to fake it to make it and this seems to be one of those times.

So here is to setting goals to get me back to writing and having fun with it!

Topics for writing:

Grandson and his animals
  • Little Man (my grandson) and his love of farm animals
  • Fall weather in Minnesota – the glory of colored leaves
  • The ups and downs of unexpected sleep overs with a two year old
  • Chasing Milkweed and other seeds: What I learn from “teaching a two year old”
  • How many journals can I write in? gardening, Masons, personal journal, blog, drawing
  • How to house clean your computer? or at least try
  • Fall weather in Minnesota – the glory of colored leaves
  • The ups and downs of unexpected sleep overs with a two year old
  • Closing down the garden for 2021
  • What are we reading? Board Books to Adult novels and Non Fiction

What do you do when you find yourself in a writers slump or just not writing at all?

See you next week with a new topic? Hmmm which one should I start with? animals maybe?

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to Not Writing

  1. onathought says:

    I love being reminded of how important it is to make a list of possible topics! When I’m in a slump I usually lean on some of the structures I’ve learned from SOL – Like a Before That, or a From my Chair … those help!

    Also – ouch to the wrist and good job writing anyway! (would voice to text help?)

  2. For me, it seems all you can do sometimes is just wait. Wait until somehow something makes you want to write again.

  3. Terje says:

    Taking a playful approach is helpful. Lists help. Showing self-compassion when not writing is also helpful to get over the slump. I hope your wrist heals properly and fully.

  4. arjeha says:

    Glad you are back to writing. Sometimes a conscious effort needs to be made to get us back on the writing track, especially when we are in pain. I like your list of feel good topics.

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