Day 25 – #SOL2021: Frustrations and letting go (and a bit of Garden info)

Frustration abounds this morning. I have only a short time before Little Man arrives to write my post. I started a few things last night and thought I would quickly develop that this morning. I sit down to review a few of todays posts at TWT and am ready to go. I open up Word Press knowing they made a few changes. I read the notice from Two Writing teachers last night so I am alert on how we post today. I am good with that. But…

I did not expect changes within the software. So where are the drafts I have started? When I go to find images there are several other boxes that pop up. I don’t need all this fancy extra stuff. I am not a programer and don’t wish to be one. I just want to write, add a few images, maybe a short video and post. I don’t need to monetize my site. I may need to indent once in awhile but really my needs and the needs of most bloggers I know are simple. Yet Word Press seems to think it important to add more to the site and change it up once in awhile just to surprise us all.

I give up since I can see Little Man and his dad are pulling into the driveway. It will all have to wait until later.


It is now nap time and to be honest I am ready for a short nap myself but here I am exploring Word Press. I found my drafts, I think I know how to save and post this work today. It really was not as big a change as the last one when the whole internal format changed. I am still frustrated and thinking of switching host sites. So with that in mind –

Can any one tell me which blogging sites they like? E-Blogger, Blogspot, ????

For now I am letting go and leaving this short little blog here today!

I am letting go of my frustration and moving on to other things that need to get done before Little Man awakes.

And I may be letting go of Word Press – we will wait and see how I feel tomorrow.

P.S. Tomorrow bright and early I get vaccine number two. I am hoping it goes well with little to no side effects but I have heard this second round can be hard. I do hope I will weather it well since there is so much to do this weekend.

  • The garden seedling go in on Sunday
  • The Dahila, Elephant Ears and the Begonias need to be planted in pots to get started
  • The Poppies need to get planted outside
  • There are two garden beds with Tulips coming up that need to have leaves removed.
  • The holiday wreath and greens need to be switch out for spring

Which me luck? No matter what happens this weekend I will be glad to done with both shots. It is a step forward. Now If I can just learn how to work in Word Press all might be right with my world for a short time.

Happy Weekend if I don’t post tomorrow due to side effects!

Tulipa Tarda ( Botanical tulip first cultivated commercially in 1590) This should be bloom next week. This is a image from 2020. They are small early spring tulips – I think of them as more of a wild tulip. It is about 6 ” tall.

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Day 25 – #SOL2021: Frustrations and letting go (and a bit of Garden info)

  1. TalaTimes says:

    Yikes! It is definitely a bit more complicated with WordPress now.

  2. I don’t know why they had to change WordPress!!

    I didn’t have any side effects from either dose of my vaccine… here’s hoping the same for you.

  3. As a Google Blogger, I can offer that it is easy to use and works well on the phone as well as a Chromebook.
    Good luck with that vaccine….I’ll be getting my second soon and have a dread/hope/grateful attitude towards a future with more people and more fun!

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