Day 20 – #SOL2021: repeat – spring is here we hope!

It is the first day of Spring and the morning begins with a solid blue sky and sunshine. We are re emerging from a March snow fall. The Snowdrops are lifting their heads, the tulips are an inch higher. The Aconite are blooming in the sheltered garden by the front of the house. This leaves us with little yellow and white dots around the yard if you are looking closely.

The signs of spring are everywhere but most are still well hidden here in the north. The small micro climates near walls that face south or west show us what is really going on under the earth. Everything is in thaw. If you stop to look at the trees or bushes daily you will find the buds getting larger and the trees flowering in ways we often miss. The Maples and Elms flower but we don’t usual see it or pay attention.

The creek is running fast and the city lakes have thin lines of water all along the edges. The color of the ice has changed from clear to a foggy grey letting us know it is melting and unsafe for walking. The birds have increased their singing and the rabbits are wildly seeking fresh greens as they get ready to give birth to so many little ones. The squirrels are digging up most of the back garden and grass looking for buried nuts that they will not find.

I know, as a gardener, it is too early to plant, too early even for most clean up. This is a time I need to let nature take its time to wake up. I need to let the insect emerge, the land to dry out and the plants to begin growing.

And yet I am restless! My world being so small still that I am excited to expand to the outdoors. I am ready to clean up the gardens and ready myself and the land for rebirth. I follow so many garden sites – most of which are south of here or in places like England where gardening goes on almost all year in some fashion. Why I tease myself with reading and looking at those gardens is beyond me but I do it every year. Here I must wait!

The first round of seeds are in tiny pots under the grow lights and growing. I have a new to me African Daisy that has sprouted and a Midnight Snack cherry tomato (think a black color and a sweet taste) I started for a friend. I will see her in a few weeks and will deliver these tiny plants to her. It will be up to her to keep these tomatoes going until she can move them outside after the last frost date in May.

The Christmas Cactus has decided this year to be an Easter Cactus and is in full bloom. One African violet plant is preparing to bloom while the other has just finished its round of flowers. The spring cactus has not set buds so we will see if we get any orange flowers with year. In a corner of the plant table is an old Amaryllis bulb that has look dead all winter. It has decided to bloom as well.

There is plenty to do inside but my hands and body want to move and emerge with the spring flowers. I will have to wait! Early spring is about waiting.

Seems to me this is a repeat blog post! I seem to be stuck in a time pause waiting for spring to push me forward! Not much happening here until things turn a bit warmer. Sorry for the repeat writing.

The green of spring right now:

Lilac buds
Strawberry leaves

Iris Leaves

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Day 20 – #SOL2021: repeat – spring is here we hope!

  1. Ramona says:

    Your careful attention to nature makes for beautiful writing. Sorry you have to wait. I will look forward to future gardening posts.

  2. I love to see spring through the eyes of a gardener. My grandmother was a horticulturist and lifelong gardener. She changed my view of the world, in ways big and small, by drawing my eye to nature. Your post is a wonderful tribute to the eternally hopeful beacon of spring. I especially love the lines “The small micro climates near walls that face south or west show us what is really going on under the earth. Everything is in thaw” and “The creek is running fast and the city lakes have thin lines of water all along the edges”…so many signs of things to come. Thank you for adding the photos as well — LOVE!

  3. JenniferM says:

    I can feel your anticipation through all the different details you included. It’s coming!!! Lovely pictures at the end!

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