Little “Liberry” at Home, Pretzels and Learning New Words

Our days are busy with a 19 month old running about the house. As grandparents we switch off play times through out the day so we can each get a few things done and also keep our energy level at least close to his.

Little Man’s growing vocabulary also keeps us thinking – “what is he say now?” “Did you catch that one?” He is full of words and most of them we now have sorted out. There are few that are a puzzle but I am sure they will come clear with time.

The last few weeks he has been working on saying the L sound. He growls when he sees a lion but won’t try the word. The lights are call ighty and he loves turning them on and off and on and off. (and is very disappointed if the fa (fan) does not come on with the light.

Today late in the day he and I were in the living room. I asked him to get a book for us to read. He toddled off to the end table bookshelf where all his board books are stored. I could hear him saying “liberry, liberry”. His tongue twisting in all directions as he work on saying library over and over again.

Once there his first move is always to want to shake the floor lamp. He turned to look at me and after I gave him a long hard look he wiggled it just a little and then sat down to peer into the shelf of book. He was on the back side of the shelf so he needed to reach through and pull books out to see what he was looking for. There he sat picking out books. Looking at each one. Talking to himself about what he saw.

There was Bear’s Christmas Baking – “Ba, Ba cookun” he says. Then there was Llama Llama Nighty Night – there he was working out the L sound again trying so hard to say Llama. After checking out several others he pops up yelling “Bugs” and over he comes with Backyard Bugs and crawls up next to me in the chair.

We are only about half way through the book when we turn the page to ants. We usually sing a bit of the Ant’s go Marching on this page but he points, says “Capie” and heads off to the kitchen saying “pae”.

It is a good thing I spend lots of time with him. He know what he wanted and so did I. Capie is his current name for Grandpa and Grandma. Pae is his word for pretzel. In our book the ants are marching off with the picnic food and the pretzels are being taken away. Little Man knows Grandma loves pretzels and has a bag in the big bowl on the kitchen counter. So he was heading to get pretzels to eat some just like the ants.

Pretzels in hand he returned for a few more good books. There is nothing like reading a few good books from the little home “liberry” and eating pretzels in the late afternoon with a little one.

BackYard Bugs – he is talking to hopper (otherwise known as grasshopper)

JUST BECAUSE – reading happens in lots of places and Little Man is so cute!

In his fort or in the corner by the deck doors are just a few of his favorite spots!

In these crazy days finding a little one to read with and a few pretzels seems to help!

Happy Reading whatever age you are!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Little “Liberry” at Home, Pretzels and Learning New Words

  1. Amy Ellerman says:

    What a sweet slice of life! Love all the details that show how well you know your grandson. How lucky you are to have so much time together!

  2. arjeha says:

    Pretzels and books – life is good.

  3. Oh my. Such cuteness. Llama would be a tough book for someone who is challenged by l’s– have to say. One of my girls struggled with g’s and c’s. Your post reminds me of her speech– there were so many words that were unique and understood by just us.

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