One Little Word – Almost here

It is the last Tuesday of 2020. A year we all know needs to end. There is great anticipation for the new year. What will it bring? What new adventures will we be taken on.

I am sitting in my office with tea and eating Little Man’s animal crackers – wondering! Searching for a word that can take me into 2021. One little word that I can use to steer my thinking and my doing as we step into this new year.

will we be creating a new normal? or have we done that already? in the beginning/middle of creating

will we be regathering with family and friends?

how soon can this all happen? in the spring? in the summer? next fall?

there is the politics of our nation – will we find a way to calm the wild dynamics and move forward?

All of this is swirling in the back corners of my brain while also thinking of the movement in my own little personal world. This week without Little Man here (he is home on Christmas break) I have pulled out my art. I have colored pencils out, watercolors out, I am working on a paper cut idea from a dear friend and there are books everywhere. There is my personal journal for writing and my computer with 10 tabs open seeking out new information (as if there is not enough going on in my brain today). And what was my one little word for last year? I am spinning for sure!

So I went on a dive into my past writing. (An interesting thing to do if you have not done so lately.) I can tell I am still in my jumping from idea to idea stage but coming closer to the topic at hand.

While searching my blog posts it appears I never really settled on One Little Word for 2020. Hmmm?? was that a foretelling of the wildness of the year?

I did have a list of words and one phrase that I listed and they all fit perfectly. Did I use them well? I know I tried and failed some of the time but I also know I repeated these words to myself and in my personal journal writing. I know they helped at times.

I also know that these words will work for 2021. I now believe this past year and this new year, for me, need a bank of words. Words that can be use often, words to post in my office and to write at the top of my journal page for January 1, 2021.

My old words from years gone by were – evolve, developing, breathe, balance, and listen. They all can apply now as well. I could write one good sentence for each of these that could lead me into the new year but I will let them be in the background.

Here is my list for 2020 and now for 2021!



Non Attachment



And one phrase that holds it all together

“Let you faith be greater than your fear!”

(thank you Sue for this phrase that keeps me going)

It is my faith in people, in goodness and the natural world that we can and will right ourselves into a new way of being and living together in peace, harmony and acceptance of all people.

I have faith we will release the old and more forward to create a new way of being. A stronger and healthier way to be.

Happy New Year to all!

P.S. If you are looking for a fun project for your self and young kids – author Debra Fraiser is looking for people to test out her new class on using paper cuts. It is part of a bigger series called Paper Camp. The first class (in beta testing) is Stripes – learning to use the art she used while writing Miss Alaineus. It is great fun.

Check it out at:

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to One Little Word – Almost here

  1. Terje says:

    This is the magic of OLW, people choose what they need, and if more than one word is needed, then this is what it is. I find Breathe to be a mighty word. Even when it is not my OLW i keep returning to it over and over. I hope the new year will bring fresh breath to everyone. Happy New Year!

  2. bevbaird says:

    Perfect words – they encompass so much. Happy New Year and may we all move forward to a brighter future.

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