What happened to Tuesday

It is now 8:00 pm and I just now realized it is Tuesday and I don’t have a blog post up. I am not sure where my day went.

I began the morning a bit later than usual with my morning mile and half walk. I was out the door by 8:00 am instead of 7:30. I knew Little Man would not be here until later due to his 18 month check up. So we had a slower morning. I check the news and eat a bit of breakfast before heading out. Then took a brisk walk but really very mild for a Minnesota winter morning. We have no snow and the temperature was around 20 degrees. Not bad at all for a morning in December.

I returned to wrap a few gifts before the little guy shows up only to learn he had four shots and was a bit overwhelmed by all the prodding and poking one goes through at this age at the doctors. The word is he was not happy with anyone in the office and it was just fine with him that little stuffed Tiger got a check up not him.

Needless to say he never made it to our house. He was sound asleep in the car after all that so they headed home and I had a free day ahead of me. So much open time you would think I would have gotten something written. But no way –

I finished wrapping gifts, I made a nice lunch and took a deep nap when I said I was going up to read for a bit. From there we walked to the library to pick up a book about finding the art of perseverance as an artist.

Then I am not sure what took up time but we ran an errand to get wine and molasses (there was wine by no molasses). I walked up the hill to the open park to check on the moon and the planets. Yes, they were visible tonight but not as bright as I had hoped but at least I saw them. The solstice over we are now moving into full winter and the winds had begun to howl. ( I hear we are set for snow tomorrow. It is fitting for the first few days of true winter and just before Christmas.)

From there it was dinner, another short walk to watch the skies once again and here we are 8:00 pm and I am hunting for something to write about.

Some days are like that – they fly by busy but unhurried, uncomplicated and leaving me feeling relaxed and at ease. Days like this are few and often far between. The joy of just doing what is in front of you at the moment.

I am wishing this joy of a quiet uneventful day can find all of you this holiday season.

Take/Make time for a day or two that just unfolds on its own accord. Leave the news and heavy thinking behind you and relax into whatever comes your way!

Happy Holidays to all – I know families may be faraway but maybe a little personal time is ok right now!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to What happened to Tuesday

  1. onathought says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day full of meandering and napping!

  2. Relax into whatever comes your way… good advice for this break!

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