Little Feet, Flowers, and wandering thoughts

I have been here with my computer on and off for about two hours and still have not IMG_7608.JPGorganized my thoughts into a coherent thought to write about. I have read other blogs, answered a few emails, walked about the house, fed a bottle to my grandson and spent time looking out of windows but no words have appeared here. Shouldn’t they just show up when I am sitting here?  Well – not today! There are lots of thought but none of them seem to develop into something worth writing about.

  • there is the on going e-mail to my niece who is starting a garden for the first time with her kids ( she sends pictures and I confer on what the next step is) IMG_6984
  • there are the little blue shoes sitting on the steps waiting to go for a stroller ride (they belong to Little Man who is not old enough to walk but loves strolling around the hood)
  • there is the parade of tulips and daffodils in my front yard that keep the color coming as we stay at home (I love the spring flowers)
  • there are the thoughts on going to Target – masks and no masks and oh so many people (I did not stay long)
  • there is the watching of the little bottom crawling away as fast as he can (it is work keeping up with a 10 month old  🙂 )
  • there is the sigh while thinking of cooking another meal at home (I am an ok cook – it is just not my go to activity. I miss the occasional out to eat and take out does not do it for me. Nice but not the same as sitting chatting at the bar with our local bar tenders. It is not the drink I have it is the chatter with friends. I miss them!)

IMG_8552I guess it is just one of those days – the sky is partly cloudy, the air is a cool spring morning and I am in a bit of a partly cloudy mood myself. So instead of forcing my writing I have built a list and will leave it at that.

All is good, we are healthy, and the flowers are in bloom. I can not ask for more right now!

I hope this finds you all well and settled at home!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to Little Feet, Flowers, and wandering thoughts

  1. arjeha says:

    I knew to whom you were referring with “little foot” but I must admit that I think I have been around my wife too long. Little foot here refers to a foot she has for her sewing machine. Oh well. Health and blooming flowers – life is good.

  2. It all adds up to such a nice slice. Here’s what I really love: the little bottom crawling away…

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