#24 Shifting

IMG_1926The Sun is shifting to the north. The days are longer and a tad bit warmer here in the northland. There are just a few of the early plants that have decided to show their faces. The season is shifting to spring – to new beginnings.

We are shifting.

(Disclosure: I had planned to write only about plants today. No big heavy thoughts. I have two good pictures of what the late afternoon sun produced in the front garden yesterday but the word shifting and the morning breakfast talk about value sent me off in another direction.)

It has really been only two weeks since we really began to make changes. The worry was circling in the air before but we were all watching it from afar. Two weeks ago we were being careful. We were starting to think about where we were going and why. Two weeks ago I felt the week was very busy but really we were only doing one or two outings a day – visit brother in law- in hospital or get food or check in on a neighbor. Now that all seems so busy.

Two weeks now and the world has shifted.

  • We eat at home always.
  • We do not visit friends (well not counting the two virtual happy hours we had last Friday).
  • When walking the neighborhood we smile and nod but are not stopping to chat.
  • We go to the grocery store only when really needed. (So no scones today – I am out of oatmeal. They will have to wait for the next run.)
  • My niece’s are checking in more often for help with homeschooling their children. (I had not connect with them for a long time.  Nice to digitally chat with them now more often).
  • “Little Man” (our grandson) is not here as often. (He is terrible missed on our have but I am getting a bit more done around the house. I guess that is a positive.)
  • The neighborhood is very quiet but full of walkers in the late afternoon. (So fun to see).
  • The news is not good (That is not a big change – just a different can of bad for now).
  • When out which is seldom I am so aware of where germs live. (on everything)
  • When in need of things I now think 1) do I really need it 2) what can I substitute for it 3) what store is open that would really carry this item and would they have it.  – all this before even deciding if I should head out at all. (Most times the answer is no and I do not go out.)

In this shift we are finding out gaps. The resources we thought we had in the house and do not have. We are finding what things we really need and what things we just think we need. We are paring down what we do, and who we connect with.

We are seeking what is of value for us right now and in life in general. I think we are finding this happening all over. We are all looking for what brings the most valve to this situation and our lives.

We choose the quality foods over the quick junk food that does not add much nutrition (at least we try). We make connections with people we know need our help or a friendly voice.

I know teachers are asking the question what are the most important lessons to present in distance learning? Parents are asking what is most important for my child to be sure they are not falling behind?

Companies are looking to what is most valuable in their process to keep them connected and moving forward?

We all seem to be looking for what brings value. We seek what is important during this time of critical change.

  • Ways to connected safely
  • How to help others and ourselves
  • How to connect with the natural world and keep it safe
  • How to connect with the deeper part of who we are and what we believe in.

This is big and heavy stuff! Be kind to yourself, your family and to others as we stumble our way through these days.



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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5 Responses to #24 Shifting

  1. Adrienne says:

    I feel very much the same way. The world feels so weird right now.

  2. Yes we are all shifting these days. But I am holding on to the hope that, just as the barren winter shifts to the bountiful spring (every year!), we, too, will blossom and grow again. Hopefully with the new wisdom we have gained from this time of shifting leading us on. Thanks for a thoughtful post describing so well what things feel like today.

  3. “The news is not good… just a different can of bad now.” That and we have more time to dwell on it. My wife shared how up and down she has been through this already. She is so strong that I had little idea of how it was affecting her. We need to keep each other strong despite being apart. Thank you for providing an opportunity to reflect.

  4. dearobb says:

    A different can of bad. Perfect. Shift is hard but doable. We can shift. Thanks for writing.

  5. This is a lovely post and cuts right to what matters most. Thank you for so eloquently communicating your experiences, and in doing so letting us know that we ar not alone in our practices or our caution. A gentle reminder:)

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