#20 What does this make possible?

Once again, I say thank you to litcoachlady and Natalie Goldberg with the morning prompt. The prompt was What do you no longer have?  a prompt from Natalie downloadGoldberg’s book Old Friend from Far Away. It is a good thing to write about and release all that penned up sorrow. It is just that I can spend too much time there and it becomes a dark and lonely place to be. One I don’t want to share now. We have enough at the moment. I have written about this already.

So I decided to flip this one on its head.

I want to know what does this make possible? Where are the silver linings? What good is showing up because we have all stopped in our tracks.

There are so many little things as well as large ones. (I know there is lots of bad but let’s put that aside for a few minutes.)

Here are some positives – at least for me:

AT home:

  • My daughter, who is fighting cancer and has a 9th month old, now works from home and can take daily naps to help her heal
  • Their little family spends more time together with afternoon walks and breakfast together in the morning
  • There are stretches of time that I don’t feel the need to be running off somewhere to do something – it is ok to sit with my tea and be still for awhile
  • I must do my own yoga. I know how but I often just say “oh’ I will go to class on Thursday.” Now it is up to me to get on that mat and do it.
  • The neighborhood is full of families and people walking dogs and babies nodding to each other and smiling from a distance but smiles all the same. We see each other!
  • Friends are checking in on each other more by e-mail, phone, text. (virtual happy hours with friends – anyone ??) We are finding our way in how to connect in this new landscape.
  • I am cooking more. I have been saying I will make more dinners at home. Now I am.
  • Once the weather warms a bit I have lots of time to carefully clean up the garden and plant the new veggie garden.
  • The basement needs a good cleaning and things need to be tossed. Now is a good time
  • I have a better sense of what is important and what I want to make room for in my life and house

IN the larger world:

  • There are signs of pollution slowing – China less air pollution, Venice canals are images.jpgrunning clear. Nature is on an up swing – I hope!
  • People in other counties who are deeper into this than we are in the US are finding ways to help each other. Maybe through this we are finding the kinder – gentler side.
  • People know we need to find ways to help everyone and we are – it has been wonderful to see people jumping in to help parents at home with kids. FaceBook is full of connections to free on-line learning and viewing, authors reading stories, virtual tours and more. People care!

No, it is not always fun. Yes, it is scary. Yes, it is a lot of work making the shift.

We are learning who we are and what we can do.

Hang in there and look for the positives.






About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to #20 What does this make possible?

  1. Thank you! This is just what we need. A light is shining in a different place right now, and maybe it’s up to us to get there and check it out. That place being more time with family, shopping locally, less driving, etc. Thank you for putting this all to words so beautifully.

  2. Rita K. says:

    Joanne, You are truly looking for the gifts and finding them. I agree with so many of the items on our list and it’s nice to know someone shares these thoughts. Thank you. Prayers for your daughter!

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