Making through Winter –

We are at mid January and I am on the count down to spring. I know it is too early when you live in Minnesota to be thinking of spring but I can’t help myself.  The snow is beautiful as if fall and covers the garden beds. The ice crystals sparkle in the morning sunlight but …

This winter has brought snow, then deep cold, then warmth ( mid 30’s). This jumping up and down in temperature has given us snow, rain and sleet. If you think about it your realize that this means ICE! It is on the sidewalks, the streets and crusted on the top of snow piles.

This ice glistens on the snow and shines on the streets as your drive at night. It is wonderful to look at but the walking and driving are crazy. My daily walks are not happening unless I drive over to the shopping mall and join all the other old folks my age walking around in circles hoping to get a bit of exercise without falling and breaking anything.

I am trying to be positive about these four months of cold, snow, ice and short days. I really am but it is now working. I am watching the grey clouds. I am sadly looking out the window at the garden beds buried in snow. The garbage cans have no place to be since the snow banks are taking over. It just is not a lot of fun right now.

So to counter this issue I have gone down to the basement and set up the grow lights. IMG_9890.JPGI found my left over seeds and I am now growing lettuce, spinach and basil in the laundry room.

I go down each day to water them – they really don’t need daily watering but it gives me a chance to open the top of each growing tray and smell the moist air. It gives me a chance to take in the damp soil and watch small green plants emerge from the ground.  It is wonderful!

Will any of these plants get bit enough to really make a salad?  who know – I hope so. It may not be a big salad but enough to add greens to a sandwich or two. It does not really matter – I am gardening!  Well, sort of!

Growing salad is step one. Tomorrow I will begin step two.  All the seed catalogs will IMG_5565come out and I will plan out this years garden, order seeds and prepare for the next round of planting.  The veggies won’t start this early here but I could easily start some of the flower seeds since they take a long time to grow and longer to flower.

I will make it through this winter – I really will! I just needed a little help from my friends (the plants)!

What do you do to help you through the long winter months?



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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2 Responses to Making through Winter –

  1. I bake to get through the winter months. This often leaves me needing to exercise more, but I find something so comforting about baking when it’s too cold to be outdoors.

    Enjoy your growing plants!

  2. carolee says:

    Like you, I start seeds indoors in my basement to keep from having severe “gardening withdrawal” symptoms. Unlike you, we’ve had very little snow this winter so I’m actually enjoying the beauty of this one.

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