End the year with a Smile

I thought this morning that today I needed to say something important or profound. It seems like a big deal the coming to the end of a decade. There have been many other decades in my life but they just moved on with no fan fair. Not sure why I think this is different. Something about 2020 – the roaring twenties are before us.

The roaring to set this world back on its feet. It feels like we have been tilling more and more out of control – the loss of empathy and care for human, and nature is out of control. We seems to have lost something over the years.

I headed out for a morning walk to think things through. I was hoping to find some words that are worth typing for this day. It is sunny and peaks of blue sky are out after three days of dark clouds, rain, wind and snow. The air is brisk and cold. It feels IMG_6051.JPGlike it is about 8 degrees and the snow is sparkling, every tree is draped in snow fluffs, wild grasses are bowing down with the weight of snow and the heavy wind of last night. My four raised garden beds are once again covered in a blanket of snow to sleep the winter away. The world is white with touches of brown oak leaves and dark green pine trees. It is quiet in my neighborhood this morning.

I trudged along through unplowed sidewalks and over icy crusted snow banks listening to winter birds, and the distant sound of shoveling or the start of a snowblower. The neighbors were waking up to clear and start their last day of this year. What were they thinking about this day? This year? This Decade?

I left these thoughts behind as I turned west into the wind and the unplowed walks. I slowed down and realized it is not about the words. It is about the experience – it is the feel of cold air on my face, wind in my lungs, and the glory of colors, sights and sounds around me.

The green of the pine trees has darkened with the cold, and the coppery brown oak leaves are laying spread across the snow having been pulled from the branches in the wind. The cold makes my boots crunch over the ice and snow that were left after the storm. The sun, at least for today, give a promise of spring in the distant future.

We may have forgotten the little thing, the things that we share together and that make us whole and one.

  • the giggle of a child in their sleep,
  • the sun after a storm,
  • the sparkle of a snowflake,
  • the touch of a warm handshake,
  • the smile of a neighbor who is shoveling
  • the sound of birds hiding in the Arborvitae bush

For me it is the little experiences that make me happy and whole. The experiences that we all can have and hold.

So I wish you all a moment of watching the little moments – take time today and tomorrow (maybe through out the new year) to find them in your life – the moments that make you smile.

This way you can walk into the new year and decade with a smile on your face and peace in your heart!

Happy New Year!




About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to End the year with a Smile

  1. TammyB says:

    Smiles are the best! It finally snowed here! That made me smile

  2. Ramona says:

    Here’s to more smiles. Your post made me see your world this morning, and feel ashamed that I haven’t walked more (because I think the 40s is cold!). Happy New Year, Joanne!

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