Changing Seasons

It is now 7:06 pm on Monday night. The trees are a dark outline,. The sky is a deepening blue with light edges near the horizon. The sun set at 6:43 p.m. Dark comes early now.

This afternoon while sitting with my Grandson (age 3 1/2 months), we noticed the sharp shadows of the sun that had moved south. It was no longer overhead in the afternoon providing sun to the garden beds. We noticed that the leaves and acorns crackled as we strolled over them on our morning walk. The air had cooled and we both were bundled up in jackets as we headed out to walk the neighborhood or just IMG_8086.jpgto sit on the back deck. (Note the hat and mittens are a bit large for this little guy but his head was warm — that was for sure.)

Fall has arrived in all its glory. The smell of wood fires at night, the lights on in windows as the evening arrives, the trees changing colors and the flowers fading. The insects are disappearing with each cold night. We will not see them again until spring.

Right now Mason, my grandson, just looks in wonder at everything around him. He is happiest when outside. His eyes are wide taking in everything around him. He tries to follow the movement of leaves in the trees. I have IMG_8091.jpgshared with him the colors of flowers as they begin to fade. I realize for him none of this makes sense. Yet on another level his puzzled face and deep stares at each plant, at the sun’s bright light, the wind on his face tells me at a deep level this tiny human being understands the amazingness of our world.

I get goosebumps as I watch him for he shows me how to look at our world as a newcomer — the ability to see things as if for the first time. The sagging Begonia plant became an exciting exploration of red/orange flowers, white flowers, leaves with fuzzy edges and yellow stamens inside each flower. The drooping basil plant bought wide eyes when we brushed against it and the aroma took over. We both sneezed at the strong scent of the crumples and darken leaves.

Our explorations are short, for napping and feeding are still the main part of our day.  What can you expect at 3 and half months?  These little journeys leave him ready for a bottle and a good nap. They leave me marveling at how much we miss each day. He naps and I sit in wonder.

I am excited to continue to share this world of ours with him as he grows. Partly to share so he can learn about it but also for me to be able to take a fresh look at what is outside my door.



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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