Gardening Season has arrived

Yes, I know we are now in mid May but for Minnesota and many other places this Blue bells.jpgyear spring has refused to show up. She has teased us with a few nice days but our hopes are quickly dashed by rain and cold. At times the dreaded snow has even appeared. (Northern Minnesota – think Duluth got about 7 or more inches last week.)

This extended cold has made for a slow evolving spring. The ephemerals have come up very slowly and some are just waiting to see what happens. I think they are a bit scared to show their heads just like the rest of us.

jack in the plupit.jpgFinally – Mother’s Day has past and that seems to be a signal for warmer weather to appear. So today I am now sitting on the deck writing in the sun. I still have my heavy socks on and a turtleneck shirt but no jacket. We are making progress. In the garden the following are growing

  • wild ginger wild ginger.jpg
  • bleeding hearts are ready to bloom
  • one trillium – I think it will be dark purple
  • the jack in the pulpits are uncurling
  • the peonies are up but no blooms yet
  • rhubarb was ready to pull – although the stems are short
  • the wild geraniums are almost ready to flower
  • the tulips have started a great parade across the front yard
  • violets of course are blooming, along with dandelions

Tiny farm.jpgOn the deck is a tiny farm waiting to be planted in the raised beds and other places around the yard. The nieces and daughter are due to come and retrieve their share of the seedlings to plant at they homes.

We have sat for so long waiting and waiting and now it is time – everything feels like it needs to be done this very minute.

I am working on breathing, and letting things go into the garden tulips 2.jpga little at a time – hoping it will all settle into place no matter what. We have waited so long for this spring I don’t want to rush through it. I need to sit and savor the warmth, the bird songs and the shades of green as each new plant decides it is ok to peek its head up out of the ground.

Welcome to true spring!



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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8 Responses to Gardening Season has arrived

  1. Your spring report is wonderful with all the photos. It has been a slow spring where I am too, and it feels good to me. But I haven’t had all that much snow, so I feel lucky.

  2. Lisa Keeler says:

    Gorgeous photos. Still chilly on and off even where I am. There is something really energizing about the start of blooming season.

  3. The chill continues in the east as well. Beautiful blooms for you on Bloom Day.

  4. Beautiful blooms!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

  5. Arun Goyal says:

    Beautiful Blooms ….hope you have more spring blooms in upcoming days …
    Have a great week ahead.

  6. Therapi Kaplan says:

    Your quote, “today I am now sitting on the deck writing in the sun” has me so envious of where you are writing. Sun in the sky, yet a chilly day is my favorite type of weather. I’m out here in CA. While our spring has been at its best in years, I dread the summer. My husband and I want to start a garden in our backyard. My dream is to have a bed of roses that dazzle our senses.

  7. I love how tulips look at all stages! So pretty!

  8. betty - NZ says:

    Wow, what fabulous color of blooms and potential blooms! so pretty to see as mine are gone for the winter.
    My Corner of the World

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