Winter Indoor garden tour: looking for spring

Sunday morning in Minneapolis, Minnesota we were sitting with a dense fog, and quickly melting snow that was leaving ice skids everywhere you walk. We made it through bright sunny -50 degree weather for a few days last week and then walked into 38 degrees with clouds and fog. The 6 inches of new snow sitting on my deck has melted over night dripping into the back gardens leaving little rivers of water with ice running over the frozen ground. The rabbit tracks appeared again so they also think it is time to get out and look around.

The fog and longer days (longer by a few minutes but noticeable) are the first hints that spring will come again. It gives us north landers hope that we will see green out our windows some time this year. Hope that the white and brown landscape will change to greens, yellows, reds and more. I know it will be awhile yet – early February is too soon to think winter is over. It is too soon to think about planting plants but it is not too soon to watch the little buds on my indoor plants so here are a few images of what is happening inside on a winters day.


This funny picture is of the new growth on the Orchid plant. It is a new stem that is very very slowly growing – it will flower sometime in March. (I hope)

This cutie below is pink to pale orange and is part of a Kalanchoe plant I got years ago and never re-bloomed.  It has decided to set a few flowers this year. Again it is taking its sweet time to open up these buds but I expect -50 temps did not help them. The chill from the bay window was pretty cold. IMG_6891


Next is an African Violet that I thought was going to be pink. It has bloomed a beautiful green/white. It seems a bit fragile but the blooms have lasted for about three weeks.








The next buds are on the Hibiscus plant that has been providing us with flowers all winter since I brought it in from the deck last fall. There seems to be one or two buds every few weeks. They are such a delight when they open up.


The white flower below is the bloom on a Peace plant (Spathiphyllum). It is said that it can purify the air. This is a plant that was in a small white basket given to me in the spring of 1994 when I was dealing with breast cancer. It is a young adult now at 24 years old. It is now huge, still going and so am I. IMG_6895.JPG

The last of the blooming plants are my Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus plants. There are three of them that continue to set blooms since early December. Again, this is one of my old timer plants (which I have shared here over the years).  This one came from my Grandfather’s house. His plant was close to or over 100 years old. This one I started from a slip in 1969 or 1970 as I headed off to college. So this lovely lady is about 48 years old. She is getting old for a house plant but still going strong.



So if I can’t have flowers growing outside I will keep them here inside just to help us remember spring will come again.

Stay warm and think spring!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to Winter Indoor garden tour: looking for spring

  1. arjeha says:

    Such lovely signs of Spring. I keep looking at the buds on our past willow. Although it is still early I know that one day I will go out and fuzzy willows will greet me. Anticipation.

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