2019 One Little Word

DSC03018.jpegthe auspicious wonder that lies at the heart of making –

I sat down this morning hoping to write a quick piece that stated my one little word. Simple! right?

Well, not so much. First, I will state the fact that I am way too tired to be writing. I wish I could say it was from over partying for NYE but not the case. We had an earlier dinner and a drink at a local restaurant and bar. We came home and curled up to read early and had a quiet night until it wasn’t. No really issues. It was just the ghosts of past and future that tend to haunt us in our sleep on this night of change. So sleep was hard to come by. The last I looked at the clock it was 4:00 am and I was just able to settle into a restful sleep – kind of!

Then when I sat down to write I realize there is much to think about as the new year steps up to the door.

  • Words I have used in the past –
    • Evolve, Developing, Breathing and Listen – are a few
  • What are the creative endeavors I wish to work on this year –
    • drawing, sewing, writing, garden, health
  • Changing roles and jobs this year
    • do I return to work at a local school next fall?
    • new family members are and will be an active part of this new year ( more on this in another post)
  • Health and health care
    • how to I keep my exercise (walking and yoga) going in the deep winter months
    • getting myself back on a more healthy eating plan – the holidays watched me slide into sweets, fats and carbs – not a heart healthy diet
  • Processes that lead to positive living I need to support
    • follow through – the ability to stay with a project – to finish things
    • patiences – slowing down to create with care and to see the details
    • compassion – seeing the world from many sides and working to understand a view point that is different from mine (this comes in the form of politics, family, work, etc.) It seems we all need to see the world from many sides so that we can empathize and create solutions together.
    • create – it is easy when things get hard or busy to slip into consumption mode – reading, watching but not doing, not creating. I think we all watch too much (social media, T.V., movies) and do not do enough – writing, helping others, making things.

Now, where does all this take me? It feels like doing – being active is important. It looks like creativity – the ability to create shows up in many places. There is also the connection to people and understanding those around us at home in the the world. It looks like any of my past words would work but I am drawn this the opening line of this post.

the auspicious wonder that lies at the heart of making

It is a line that I pulled from a 2013 post. It is a quote from an artist who I am sorry to say I didn’t not reference and now can’t find. It jumped out at me as I was looking up past little words I have used. It is not a word, it says so much and can be taken in so many directions but it seems to fill the needs I have to gather all my thinking under one big thought.

It is not a resolution, it is not a promise to do all these things. It is a call to reflect, to wonder, to reach deep into oneself to find what is best in the actions we take each day during this new year.

And so I leave you with this phrase that I hope to use to guide my year – a phrase that lifts our eyes up to action, and wonder.

the auspicious wonder that lies at the heart of making

Happy New Year and Best Wishes at the dawn of 2019


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to 2019 One Little Word

  1. arjeha says:

    Sometimes we just can’t turn off our minds and this keeps us from getting the restful sleep that we need. I really like your phrase because it opens us up to so many possibilities. Happy New Year and may this phrase guide you well throughout 2019.

  2. Lisa Corbett says:

    I can see why you weren’t able to sleep! You have a lot to think about. I like your phrase.

  3. mgminer says:

    One of the joys of winter break (2 weeks this year) is the time to be “a maker.” I realized that I love to sew, knit, bake, and complete little organizing projects when I have some unstructured time. The pleasure of making a dress for my granddaughter, of baking a cake from scratch, and finishing a knitting project started months ago has made this winter break so refreshing. Making really is an auspicious wonder!

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