Love and Dear Friends

This last weekend we spent time with lots and lots of people. Some were family and dear friends. Some were dear friends of our sons and some were new to us and soon to become dear friends.

IMG_6795.jpgIt was a wedding! Our Son and his lovely partner got married on Saturday. It was a cold grey winter day but inside it was full of greens, flowers, lights, and the warmth of a million smiles.

There was all the usual wedding doings – the dress rehearsal at a local brewery since we couldn’t use the wedding venue until Saturday. There was the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready in her hotel suite. The groom and his men at a way to fun barber shop getting hair cuts and shaves or beards trimmed plus a few rounds of drinks.IMG_6779.jpg

Then late afternoon there were photos, the arrival of guests, drinks, a very non traditional ceremony with love, jokes and silliness. Later came food from a local food truck and speeches (with a bit of poetry), toasts and finally dissolving into many hours of loud music and dancing and dancing and dancing! IMG_6790.jpg

It was glorious to watch, to be a part of and to feel the energy that this young group of friends has for each other. The love, care and support that was a part of this event took my breath away. It was not only the wedding party but the families that came, the friends that showed up from all across the country and from London and Canada. It was not a huge gathering – all told with venders (food truck cooks, bartenders, wedding planner, photographer) and everyone we may have had 130 folks talking, eating, dancing and watching the fun.

I, mother of the groom, spent lots of time watching the fun, talking to my family members and friends and then on to the family of this beautiful bride and all of their friends. We found people who knew our people, we found people with very different points of view about guns and politics but became friends over dancing, and the union of these two bright young people who are important in both our lives.

At 11:00 pm the last song was played and the smaller group of friends who remained and a few of us old folks who remained found ourselves in a circle around the dancing married couple. A tight circle of smiles, hugs and on-going tears of joy for the new adventure these two have taken on and have chosen us to be apart of it.

We cleaned up, and headed out to either homes or to a local hotel in the downtown north loop. The wedding party found their way to a local bar with dancing to continue with fun for another hour or two. Not sure how they were still moving but they were!

Although this is our home town. Doug and I choose to stay in the hotel with the wedding couple, and a few of the family members from the brides side and our daughter and her partner. It was easy to want at this point to crawl in bed and call it a night but we decided to join the brides father, his brother and their wives for a night cap. What a joy to sit and reflect, to share stories and also to watch the busy world of young people out on a Saturday night. (Can you tell I am feeling old?!)

The conversations over the length of this day developed into a deeper respect for each others children, for different ways of being and ending in a dear and loving friendship.

I tend to like to see people in small groups and to be a bit of a loner. I am happy in the quiet of my garden but this day of large groups, loud music and small conversations shared ear to ear, so we could hear, felt just right. This group of people shared more smiles, more stories and more hugs than I have had or seen in a long time.

The morning after breakfast with the wedding couple, a few of Madison’s siblings, Doug and I and our daughter and her partner all struggling to process the night before also was just right. IMG_6804.jpg

There were more hugs, smiles and an assurance that we needed to meet again at some point. Relationships had been made and love had been established for all. There we were some of us 65 and over. Others 30 and under. We were two families who now feel more like one.

I guess that is what wedding are for – bringing us new family, dear friends and lots of love and hugs.


(Thanks Zoe Prinds-Flash Photograph for this stunning photo of love)



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to Love and Dear Friends

  1. arjeha says:

    Congratulations to the bride and groom. Reading your post today brought back memories of our nephew’s wedding back in September. Family getting together. New groups of friends being formed. A global experience – there were friends and family from South Africa and China at his wedding. Love and friendship all around.

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