Growing together

IMG_6636.jpgMosses grow only when there is water all around them. They can not photosynthesis without it. They have no roots to bring moisture into their system. They use the water that surrounds them to help the carbon dioxide dissolve and enter the leaf so it can begin the process of using light and air to make sugar. Mosses must wait for rain or dew to develop. This is why they grow mainly in moist places.

Thanksgiving Cactus or a Christmas cactus is an epiphyte TG Cactus 2018.JPGmeaning that it often has exposed roots that take moisture from the air. This plant also has roots that will pull water in to help it develop. It grows taller and has larger flowers.

These are very different plants and their needs are very different but they are both plants. They are green and currently are growing in one pot in my house. This combination of plants is not probably the best to put together but there they are struggling to make a life for themselves. They have been in this pot for a few years. Don’t ask me why I put a moisture loving plant in with a plant that likes to dry out during the week. Dumb – I know.

But here is the thing – each week I water them and they continue to grow and get along side by side. Granted if I fail in watering the moss struggles more and will begin to dry up and wait for the next watering but somehow they keep going. Mosses have the ability to wait until the conditions change in their favor.

Watching these two plants this week, a week full of hatred and anger, has given me a bit of hope and faith that although we here in the United States are a group of very different people we have the ability to grow together. We have the strength to struggle and find what works for all of us. We are all humans and we are all in the same pot. Our needs are different but we can find a way to support each other over time. We must if we are to survive.

Maybe we just need to slow down and think about the plants. Surely if they can find a way to grow together we can as well.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Growing together

  1. Very interesting and very true Joanne.

  2. Surely we can. I love these comparisons. Thank you for these hopes.

  3. Surely if they can find a way to grow together we can as well.

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