The kindness of strangers and tulips

magnola.JPGIt is May first and we have traveled south from the winter lands of Minnesota to southern Iowa. Really it is only about 5 hours drive. Not that far south but the change in environment is amazing.

We left Minneapolis with warm sunny weather but snow still on the ski hills outside of town with frost and ice still hiding under trees and bushes in the garden. It was warm enough to plant the cool weather crops in the raised beds that sit in the sun so I would call this early spring not really winter.

As we traveled we noticed more birds, trees with hits of green and we moved from the forest of the north to the flat prairie farm land of Iowa. Once we reached Des Moines, the capital city of the state, the red bud trees were blooming, daffodils were in out and grass was green. In fact there were people out mowing.

After a brief stop we moved on to Pella, Iowa only 30 or 40 minutes southeast of Des Moines. The flat land changed to gently rolling hills with terraced fields waiting to be plowed for spring planting. Here we took a evening walk in 79 degree weather with a light breeze. We slept with the windows open to the night air. purple.jpg

Morning brought clouds but comfortable temperatures. So we headed out in short sleeves to walk the town again in daylight and capture the tulips on camera. It was a lovely walk around town. The tulips are just starting to bloom and many still need a day or two of warmth and sun to open up.

We wander out into the neighborhoods to see another garden when the sound of thunder came and lighting flashed. We tried but the rain came fast and furious as we started the run back to town and our car. About two blocks into the run a car pulls over and they yell – “Do you want a ride?” !!  My big city self wants to say  “hell no” but we are wet and in Pella – a small Iowa farm town. So yes, we climb into the back seat of a young couples car. They are born and bred in Pella, late 30’s or early 40’s and so kind. They would drive us where ever we needed to go.

We really only needed about a three block drive before we were at our car. A quick thank you and they were on their way and we sat dripping in our car. We grew up in Iowa and know this kindness. I have seen this kindness in the big city as well but there was something sweet about this couple stopping to help out the soaking wet older couple running in the rain. My Iowa background comes out and I want to make them a loaf of rye bread as a thanks but other than that quick hello in the car we will not see them again.  A random act of kindness – thanks Pella for raising up some wonderful young people.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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7 Responses to The kindness of strangers and tulips

  1. elsie says:

    It’s amazing the difference in plants a few hundred miles away! Gorgeous tulips! I am not surprised by your rain rescue. That’s the way life should be.

  2. Adrienne says:

    What a beautiful people and flowers. Such a lovely post.

  3. Trina Haase says:

    Your descriptions (and photos) are stunning! Thank you for sharing beauty

  4. Thank you for taking us along on your trip from MN to IA. Good to know there are Good people in the world:)

  5. I love tulips.
    I love photos of tulips.
    I love writing about tulips.
    You know what I don’t like. People who torture tulips by pulling off their leaves. (Uh, that would be my 19-month-old son today. Here’s a video in case you’re interested: After five rips, he got scooped up into his stroller! Maybe he’ll become a tulip lover… next year!

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