Day Fourteen: Walking for…

Walking –

  • it is a path to good health – think of the heart and muscles
  • it is a path to express ones emotions on a topic – as in a walk out or a walk in
  • it is a way to get from one place to another -transportation
  • it is something not to take for granted for there are many who can’t
  • it is a way to clear ones head or open up ones thinking
  • it is a way to enjoy the world outside – observer – trees, sun, sky, plants, birds …

It is 29 degrees this morning (feels like 21 but not much wind -thank goodness). We are a few weeks yet from feeling like spring but I have begun my morning one mile walk. The ice and crusty snow is still everywhere. You have be watch your speed due to the ice rivers that run across the sidewalks, especially on the hills but I am once again walking.

I stopped my morning walks sometime last November when the wind chill was below zero and shortly after that the snow began to cause issues with the sidewalks as well. I did spend some time this winter mall walking but it is not the same. It also does not have the same benefits.

My husband and I have resumed the afternoon walks about a week ago when the bulk of the ice was off the walking paths. We have not made it out everyday due to cold, winds and the occasional snow storm but we started.

This week I decided cold or not I was calling it spring and heading out. I needed it for all of the reasons listed above.

I need to keep walking due to a heart attack I had about a year and half ago. I need to be sure that the heart of mine gets plenty of exercise. It needs to be pushed and walking is perfect for that.

I walk in support this morning. I needed for me personally to walk around the two schools that are 1/2 block from my house and think about the gun violence in our country and the effect it has had on children, families and schools. Today the elementary school I work at is participating in the school walk out about gun violence. All classes will walk out this afternoon and walk around the school block. Then return to the classrooms to discuss what all this means. What does it mean to walk out? Why do people do this? and importantly how do we all feel about the gun violence in our country.  It is important for our students – many who come from other countries and have left war torn areas, many who know gun violence up close and personal.

Later I will walk to the local stores about a mile away to get food for dinner. It takes a bit more time but I love being able to leave the car parked and travel by foot as much as possible.

I wake each morning grateful that I can walk and talk and think. I have watched so many lose those skills over their life time due to disease and ill health. I walk to keep healthy and in honor of those who can’t.

The last two on my list – enjoying the natural world and clearing my head are so important to health and enjoyment. It may have been cold and the walk slippery but there was sun, fresh air and space to let my mind wander and my shoulders relax. Walking is often when I do my best thinking.

Can you take a walk today?


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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6 Responses to Day Fourteen: Walking for…

  1. I love how you start with a list of reasons, especially “it is something not to take for granted for there are many who can’t.” This is reminding me to take some time to walk and reflect today.

  2. Ramona says:

    I love the mental benefits of walking as well as the physical benefits. Sometimes I think they’re the most important. If you can walk in your weather, I know I can. Committing to a walk this afternoon.

  3. Trina Haase says:

    What a powerful reflection. Thank you for sharing it. I walk all of the time (even in the cold WI weather) and it always helps me to get in a better mindset. I especially liked how you began your post with all of your reasons you walk.

  4. Alice Nine says:

    This line stopped me: “This week I decided cold or not I was calling it spring and heading out.” And I was cheering for you, Go, girl!! Had to keep reading to find out what happened on the winter walk you called spring.

  5. Deb Frazier says:

    Can you take a walk? As a sibiling of a sister who never took a step, never spoke a word I am adopting this motto. My youngest daughter dances for her aunt, and now I will walk for her.

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