Day Twelve: What happened to the order?

I have a neat little office at home. It has a nice small old desk and a grey love seat in the corner. There are book shelves of course – holding most of my children’s book collection. I have things stuffed in a corner under table but generally things are organized and it is a great place to sit and work or read.

Well, all craziness broke out this week. I started a botany/ art class a few weeks back so I added the botany books, drawing pad, pencils, colored pencils and now a few extra plants in water – we are studying roots right now. So I have plants with roots to draw this week. That’s fine they fit in with the smallish rooting Christmas cactus and the two Philodendron’s in the room.  Books can stack on my desk but –

The garden journals, the seed catalogs (about 20 of them) and the seed box are also tucked into the corner of this small desk. There is my computer and the materials I need for my part time job, as test coordinator at a local school, sitting there. The notebook where I collect ideas for writing, especially for the March Challenge and the notes I am using to help track the children’s book I have been working on are tucked in one of the piles as well.

I also started working on a quilt that is about 30 years old and not finished. I am retired right – time to finish these old projects. So out came the fabric, the pattern, the thread and needles. These were all contained in a nice black bag until yesterday when I was ready to add borders to the quilt blocks. At least I thought I was ready. (that is another story)

Out came the ironing board, the extra table came out from the corner to hold the sewing machine, the batting for the quilt is out, the 12 quilt blocks and extra fabric is out, the 48 strips of fabric that go around the blocks is here somewhere and I am sure I brought my backpack into the chaos. I am also hoping my phone charger is under the plant leaves on the small end table/ book shelve because I don’t see it right now among the fabric pieces.

My calm quiet little office is now the hub of too many projects, my husband has peered in the door a few times but has not ventured in due to the cords from the iron and sew machine that are stretched across the entrance way. He did say he was glad my office has a door and then left to find a more organized place to read.

All I can do is laugh – when I first retired I was unsure what I would do with my time. I chaos office.JPGwould sit in my quiet neat office and write on my computer. Everything was tucked away in my computer files or standing neatly on a shelf. A few notebooks by my side and a little plant growing by the window.

Now the desk is full, the plant is taking over the end table, and fabric is everywhere. Somehow life fills in and creates a glorious mess of interests, activities and learning.


I would not have it any other way!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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10 Responses to Day Twelve: What happened to the order?

  1. What a great room to have, and what great talents you have to use in that room. I hope for a room like that some day.

  2. Ramona says:

    Love your glorious mess and the joy that retirement brings to pursue our own passions. I want to see more about your quilt. I have an unfinished quilt around here, but I’m not a quilter. I just started it once upon a time thinking that I might become a quilter!

    • Joanne Toft says:

      I am not a quilter either but I started this with a friend years ago. We both decided to try and finish it. So we are meeting once a week for a few hours each week to see if you can really get this done.

  3. Alice Nine says:

    I can see it all now… but what fun!! Frankly, it sounds all too familiar. Thank you for a peek inside your office.

  4. D says:

    If it makes you feel any better, your office looks happy, plenty cozy, and plenty tidy (says me, from among the explosion-in-a-paper-factory piles)!

  5. carolmcbroom says:

    How lucky you are to have the chance to do all this. I can’t wait until I can retire!

  6. ureadiread says:

    Love this line: ” Somehow life fills in and creates a glorious mess of interests, activities and learning.” Isn’t that the truth?!

  7. Trina Haase says:

    Your office sounds fun-full of life and wonder. I have so many unfinished projects downstairs…including a baby blanket that I started for my daughter and she is now nearly 10… Your last line is a great one!

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