Day One: And so we begin

trees.JPGHere we are. It is March!  It is time to begin working with the challenges that come with lengthening days, and warmer weather.  We begin to feel antsy, restless and maybe a bit irritable in early March. We have been bundled up, closed up and stuck for many months. We have seen the same four walls, the same food in the refrigerator, the same fleece jacket, mittens, scarf and hat for days, weeks and months. We need a change!

That change is here! The sun is shinning and you can feel the warmth on your skin. Yes, the first change is to pull the scarf away from your face and the hat off your head and feel the warming air and sun directly on your skin. Oh, the wonder of it. (I realize some of you in the warmer climates miss this glorious first day when the sun is bright, warm and gives you a hug after all those dark winter days. Sorry you miss it. It truly is a wonderful feeling and seems to make it worth all those nights under piles of blankets.)

Then the next step is to take steps – out the door and around the neighborhood or the local woods or a lake walk. Sorry you still have to wear the boots or maybe switch to rain boots if you have warm wool socks. It is warm but not sneaker warm yet – besides the puddles are at least ankle deep.

The next big challenge is to really look, to listen, to observe and record the world around you beginning to wake from a long winter nap. Stick a small notebook and pen in your pocket because now you need to write what you see, hear and feel. You must push your observation skills to find the details of change.

Watch for the little things – the tiny buds that show up on bushes, the moss that is greening as the snow melts away, the first birds that sing to the sun or when the old brown oak leaves, that hung on all winter, begin to fall. You realize don’t you that they are being pushed off the trees by the new buds expanding beneath them.

This listing of the things your senses feel and see will be the fuel for your next March challenge. It is the challenge you already agreed to – it is to write. It is the challenge to write daily for one month. (Yeah – Slice of Life) Use this observation of spring waking to fill your writing. Use these notes in your little pad to create poems, songs or small moments of life – a slice of life.

We are ready to begin both writing and spring! It is now time to begin …

First observations for March 1:

  • hearing water running under the snow banks
  • listening to the birds – my friend the blues bird has arrived ( I can’t ever see him so I don’t know what species he is – he just has a two note song that sounds like he is getting ready to sing the blues)
  • feeling the sun on my face
  • seeing the tops of my short garden fences peeking out from under a foot and a half of snow

I am looking forward to reading what you see as spring comes near!





About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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3 Responses to Day One: And so we begin

  1. CET Blog says:

    Thanks for the ideas! It is always helpful to have some ideas to get inspired.

  2. Ready for spring! Will be looking out for everything “greening” up!

  3. Ramona says:

    Ready to begin writing and spring! A wonderful combination.

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