A Little bit of Winter

It is a bright sunny day AFTER the Monday winter blizzard. Grey skies, high winds and 12 inches of wet heavy snow filled the garden, streets and roof tops. Yesterday it was dark grey to near white out conditions even within the city. School buses stuck, cars sitting in long lines of highways, or streets and then to find themselves stuck once they turn onto their home street. We were shoveling to stay ahead of the snow fall but the wind and snow were winning so most of us retreated into our home to wait it out. DSC05122.jpg

After the struggle and frustration we rose to clear blue skies, sun, mild temperatures and a snow day for the schools. There are wonderful snow drifts sparkling off the edge of the deck table and the roof lines. The streets are full of heavy white stuff and  the world is transformed.

Walls of snow are appearing as snow blowers begin cutting through the piles and drifts. Shovelers are following behind cleaning up from the snow spray. They occasional switch places and the shovelers move on head of the snow blower to chop up the crusty piles left by the larger city snow plows. The wild DSC05125.jpgof a night blizzard is being tamed and structure is appearing as the day moves along.

By late morning dads with young boys on sleds come trudging down the middle of the street where no cars can yet pass. They will roll and slide down the hills up by the school yard only to return soaking wet, tired and smiling in a few minutes. One neighbor has cleared his steps enough to place his speakers outside and we now can enjoy a bit of jazz music as we finish the storm clean up. It almost feels as if we are enjoying a summer day out washing cars, chatting with friends and helping each other out.

DSC05128.jpgThe pine trees are dripping with snow and the little critters are well hidden under the deep layers. Songs can be heard from the Arborvitae bushes as the birds hide from the wind but peek out as the sun becomes warmer through out the day. These little guys seem to want to enjoy the conversation on the street.

My fences, neatly placed to keep animals out, are now well hidden in the snow. Once the snow develops that crusty top layer, from the thaw freeze action, the rabbits will have easy access to the Forsythia bush I was hoping to protect this winter. It will be an easy dinner or a late night snack for them. Well, I guess we need to share what food can be found when winter gets tough. The back garden wall is covered, the bird bath hidden and the bushes buried but the sun gives us wonderful shadows that dance in the wind.

Yes, it is winter in all it glory – sun, snow, wind and people who come out no matter what to help and enjoy the neighborhood.



About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to A Little bit of Winter

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Joanne, what a coincidence! Your slice was nice to mine and we are speaking about winter. This post reminds me of our last snowstorm that walloped Long Island. I was wondering if you would like to share your photos in a collage and add your last line for my winter gallery, Winter Wonderland. I would love to include your work.

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