The north land people

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It is week two of a new year and the weather in Minnesota has given us a chance to breath deep and take a walk outside. We, like most of the mid west, have been caught in a deep freeze with temperatures well below zero most of the time and wind on top of that. It has not mattered if the sun is out you just don’t go out unless you are huddled in your car and even at that you are cold. Blankets, hot tea or hot toddies made little difference. (Truth be told there were people out scurrying from place to place  – even I was willing to go out in my car because I just can’t stay inside that long.  Two days and I am crazy to get out and about. So two weeks was driving me mad.)

Then Sunday happened the temperatures peaked above zero and everyone let their shoulders down, their scarfs loosened and out we went. It may have been cold to the rest of the country but here we were walking, biking (think those bikes with huge tires racing over ice and snow), sledding, skating, and skiing. There were even a few sitting in the sun with their coffee cups admittedly in heavy winter gear but still outside to enjoy the day.

I have resumed my morning speed walks and all seems right with the world. At least for the next few days before we head back into the deep cold and a bit of snow. It is how it goes in the north land. It is about 30 degrees and feels like mid 20’s. We are finding our lighter jackets, hats are off and who needs gloves or mittens. If it gets any warmer I am sure I will see somebody with shorts on.

When you live in the land of cold you enjoy every day above zero that you can. The air is lighter and feels warmer than the harsh cold that freezes your nose as soon as you walk out the door.

This bit of January warmth turns my head to the spring gardens. The seed catalogs are out, the grow lights are on with spinach growing nicely and I know that winter is only a few weeks longer.

Ok so winter is really got about 12 more weeks here in Minnesota but hey it feels like spring today so I will take what I can get!

Happy January thaw!!!!!

(at least for one more day – Thursday is predicted to be below zero once again.)


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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6 Responses to The north land people

  1. Mukhamani says:

    That much snow 😊 It is only after coming to my daughter’s place in Germany and seeing snowfall, nothing like in your place, can I connect with what snow means. In my place in South India, we have only summer and monsoon season. Enjoy the sunshine 😊

    • Joanne Toft says:

      Funny – I forget about places that don’t have snow. Our snow fall is so far very light this year but the temperatures have been -20 to -30 for the last few weeks. It makes summer and monsoons seem lovely!

  2. Ramona says:

    We have family in TN and VA and MD. While their temps didn’t rival yours, it was mighty cold for them. I was happy to be in the temperate NW with our ever steady temps in the 40s. Glad you enjoyed that bit of warmth before more cold.

  3. Same from your neighbor to the east – Wisconsin. Today, with it in the 40’s! I didn’t even wear a coat – just a wool sweater! I was very comfortable! I enjoyed your post.

  4. So your post gives me perspective and a reminder that ALL temperatures and feelings are relative! BAD is a describinb word that has no meaning without clarifying details. I am sorry I complained about moving on Saturday in the 4 degree weather!

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