Tuesday – A time to write

It’s Tuesday and Slice of Life Day. It is a morning I try to set aside to write for this blog of mine. It is a day to share thoughts and musings. It is a day to take time to read what others have to say these days over at Two Writing Teachers.

In this blog in the past I have added mainly teaching thoughts, connections to kids and education. Slowly I moved to gardens and plants – it is where my focus has been both in actions and readings since I retired. (I have been reading children’s books but not writing about them – I find that switch in my behavior interesting.  I wonder why? – a note to self to write about that later.)

In the last few weeks my focus is shifting again to more personal musing and this leaves me unsure what to do. I have never thought of sharing my personal emotional life here. Yes, I have shared the health issues I have worked through but that is more story. A story of the broken wrist or the trip to get a stint put in my heart might be interesting to read. We can connect to the events in others lives. It isn’t the emotional wanderings that go with these events.

So my thinking about this is the emotional and internal personal travels seem to best be written by hand in ones personal journal. Those dark night of the soul thoughts, the wonderings and questions about living or the joyous understandings of ones life fit into that special notebook that sits by your bed or on the right hand corner of your deck.

Given that thinking today I wish to say hello and wish you well but I am off to Purple pen.JPGponder the internal emotions of growing older and maintaining good health. It is a grey and wet day, I have my tea, my purple pen and my journal. I am will leave you to your writing and I to mine and see you next week.

Happy Tuesday – Slice of Life Writing!


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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7 Responses to Tuesday – A time to write

  1. What did I pay attention to? The purple journal and purple pen!!

  2. JoCSin603 says:

    What a lovely, gentle post. I tend to do the same. I reserve my SOLs for mainly the school related slices of my life and keep my personal musings for journal and pen.

  3. arjeha says:

    As our life changes so does the type of writing we do. Although it is sometimes hard to separate our different lives and thoughts, somethings need to be handwritten in a journal for eyes only. Happy writing.

  4. parkers says:

    I have often felt there were different places for me to put different knids of writing. I, also start a day with a personal notebook. This has become a place for me to formalize a lot of my seed stories that grow out of teaching and my classroom. But the lines often get blurred, don’t they? I like that when that happens. It demonstrates our ability to show our more vulnerable sides. I hope you are feeling support in both places.

  5. Ramona says:

    Not easy to navigate this retired stage and keep writing, is it? I love reading your gardening posts even though I’m not a gardener (other than my container tomato plants each summer). Mostly, I’m amazed at all you know about plants. Good luck with your other writing today.

  6. Very spontaneous post. It deserves my best appreciating 😉 Best of luck with your posts 🙂

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