Coming to an end

It is Monday night and there was the mad dash to cover, and pull plants into the house. I have been gambling day by day know that the end was near but hoping to push one more day out of the garden plants.

The word went out tonight, emails from garden centers and friends – frost warming. The dreaded drop in temperature that brings most things in the garden to a stop. I am in the heart of the city so I know we have a chance of making it through this warming. It is a “lite warming”  not a hard frost as might be expected in mid October.

The tomatoes have a big sheet over them and look a bit like a boat floating in my front yard. The Begonia plant on the deck has a lovely yellow and orange blanket over it and is all tucked in for the night. begonia.JPG

The peppers – well sorry but they will just have to tough it out. I picked every last pepper that was growing and just walked away. The beets and carrots will be fine they are under ground and tough characters.

The flowers – well the mums will do fine but the nasturtiums, who are crawling all over the front yard, will fade under the cold I am sure. The Cone flowers, Calendula and the Chinese Foxglove have been fading for weeks so it is time to let them go, the frost can do its thing.

sedum red.JPGThe Sedum has turned a deep red that I have never seen before and I am sure will weather this lite frost, I hope.

It is time but letting go it hard. I can’t bring all that color into the house but I would love to. I want to hold the shades of green and the bright yellows and reds close so that I can weather the long dark nights of winter. I want to hang on so I have something fresh to smell and see when we are fighting the cold sharp winter days of January.

The yellows, reds and oranges of the trees will sustain me for a few more weeks and then they will fall and leave me to the shorten days and long nights.

The growing season is coming to an end. My plastic pots are cleaned and stacked waiting for new seeds in the late winter. The grow light table sits bare in the basement also waiting for that day in mid winter with I turn the lights on, find the seeds, potting mixture and we begin again.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, help in schools and write. Life is good!
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4 Responses to Coming to an end

  1. lindabaie says:

    Your sedum is gorgeous. We had snow and heavy frost, so much of my garden will be gone. The few pots I have are near the house, will be okay for a while. Time to dream of spring!

  2. Ramona says:

    I’m sorry for this frost warning – hope some of your hardier plants survived. The pics are lovely and your narrative makes me (almost) yearn to be a gardener! For now, the best I can do are my tomatoes in containers on the driveway, but you know all your plants by name.

  3. marilynyung says:

    I wouldn’t mind some cooler temperatures. Later this week, the high for one day is to be 86 degrees. Bring on fall! Your garden sounds amazing.

  4. I enjoyed reading about your garden, stay warm 🙂

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